New Journey?

Over a year has gone by since I’ve launched by blog, although I am proud of myself for launching the blog and being extremely active on it at the beginning. As time passed by, and life got in the way, posting on my blog has been pushed further down my to-do list. So much has changed in my life, and I still enjoy blogging and dream of growing it even further. So, what better time to do that than the present. 

For 2020, one new blog post will be uploaded each week, talking about different things I’m currently passionate about and enjoy. Along with new categories being introduced to the blog. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

Latest Posts:-

  • Life in Lockdown: How it’s been affecting me?
    Dear reader, How have you been doing? I hope you’ve been staying safe and well during this tough time. For me, generally I would say I am ok, but in some areas I feel like I lost myself, my passion and motivation to do more. Lockdown has changed my mindset in so many ways, some […]
  • Lockdown Skincare Routine
    Dear reader, I’m sure we are all trying our best to be patient and as helpful as we can during these tough times. Who would have thought we’d ever be in this situation? Nevertheless, we must keep a positive mind and environment, and for me, honestly my skin has never looked better before! So, I […]
  • Eid 2020~ Lockdown Edition
    Dear reader, What a month! If you fasted during Ramadan then congratulations we made it!! 🎉 The past month was something we’ve all never experienced before, not being able to break your fast with your families and loved ones, but we stayed patient and strong and made it through 🖤As we are still experiencing social […]
  • Ramadan- Week 4 meals
    May 16th- May 23rd Suhoor of the week: In these last few days of Ramadan I learnt the hard way that what you eat in suhoor effects how you feel and act throughout the day, some days I feel extremely lazy, come days I just don’t feel well because of extreme hunger. For this year […]
  • Ramadan- Week 3 meals
    May 11th- May 17th Suhoor of the week: Suhoor this week was simple again, some days I had weetabix with soy milk and honey, other days I would have toast with either tuna or leftover chicken. I would make sure to drink at least one full cup of water and sometimes a small treat like […]