So, I began using Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation two months after it launched, and have been using it since for the next 6-7 months. At the begining I was perfectly fine, I was using it nearly every other day, and my skin didn’t react to it in any negative way. But, after using it for a few months I started realising that I have a small irritated patch on the lower sides of my cheek, like a rash developing. The rash began with dryness, and grew into a really itchy, and unpleasant looking patch. At this point, I started changing the product I uses daily, one product at a time.

1543177312300As shown in the pictures, sorry ignore the backgrounds, the foundation was a perfect match (the shade used is called Brown Sugar). Unfotunately, some ingredient/s in this product did not agree with my skin, and thus, created an allergic reaction towards it. I have previously changed different products from my normal daily routine, and identified the rash stopping when I changed my foundation.


I am not calling out the brand as I assume it is accepted in the cosmetics regulations and FDA approved, as well as being widely accepted in the market by fellow MUAs. I may have grown allergies towards it, but it won’t mean the product will react on you the same way it did on me. We all have different bodies, which will react to different ingredients and products in different ways. I still highly recommend trying this foundation as it was previously my go to.

For Future:

I would highly recommend everyone using all these cosmetic products to actually study the ingredients each of them contain, and read how your skin reacts to them. You only get one face, and one skin, and it is sad to see young girls creating harmful skin problems at such a young age. Many of the cosmetic products currently in the market contain harmful ingredients that may effect you in the long term. So please be careful when purchasing products that go directly on your skin.