Dear reader,

As mentioned in my previous post, this winter break I flew back to my home town Muscat, Oman. 

Now, I know I should be taking my own advice but, I actually started packing two days before my flight. In my defence, I knew I had little to pack, and to be fair, I had uni deadlines keeping my mind busy.

Nevertheless, here are my simple tips to help you pack:

  • Start packing! Bring out the luggage!

I don’t know if everyone struggles like me, but the hardest part of packing is actually bringing out the luggage for me. All my luggage are easy to access and take out, but it seems like the most impossible task to do for me.

  • Pack light.

It’s easier said than done, and somehow, I always end up struggling in the airport with a heavy luggage that I can’t lift. Of course, this depends on how long your travel will be, but my travels are typically 10-20 days long. My advice is to pack the things you need, and what you can leave behind and repurchase there, do so. 

  • Give yourself time.

When packing, even though it’s hard, start packing early. Packing earlier gives you the time to think clearly and not rush into packing things you might not need. You are less likely to forget to pack something as well, and along with that, if you’re missing anything you have the time to buy it before you leave.

  • Don’t stress.

No matter what your travel purpose is, do not stress about packing. Following the three steps above alone will keep you calmed, and overall, just enjoy your time in every step of the journey.

So, if you are travelling anytime soon, I wish you a safe flight and a wondrful trip. Happy holidays ♥︎