Dear reader,

Since being back home, I’ve been reminiscing and remembering the good times spent in different places around my home town. I was born and raised in Muscat, Oman, lived my whole life and childhood here, up until I was 17 where I moved to the UK seeking university education. 

Growing up, I come from a big extended family, which is forever expanding. And one of my most precious memories are the times we spent on the beach having family gatherings, birthdays, BBQs, and just great quality time spent. And I always remember my handsome grandfather who appreciated and made every single member of the family feel special and loved. 

My house is located roughly 20 minutes drive away from the nearest beach, and my mum and I decided to have a small dinner in the car parked right in front of the beach I always visited as a child. That moment made me very emotional because I really miss my grandfather along with my childhood, but it also reminded me that no matter where I am in my life and in the world, there is no better feeling than coming back home. 

Where ever stage you are in your life, learn to love and appreciate the positives. I hope you all have a lovely holiday and a wonderful Christmas.




(featured picture was taken from google images, unfortunately I couldn’t fine the source)