Dear reader,

Today is my flight back to Manchester, and honestly, I’ve loved my week back at home, but I’m ready to go back and continue building my life. 

My time spent in Oman was just amazing, I’ve bee able to accomplish the things I set before this trip.

  • Family: I got the chance to hangout with my family so the week and just spend time catching up since we last saw each other. I, as well, had the chance to meet a few members of my extended family and surprise them since a few of them didn’t know I was in town.
  • Friends: Met up with some high-school friends whom I haven’t spoken to for years, it was great catching up and seeing how far we all have come, and how much we’ve all changed. It, as well, felt amazing how we all still support each other.
  • Food: Managed to eat everything I planned to eat before coming here. From my favourite meals, to the best tea and desserts in town, I am so grateful for my family and friends who made that possible.
  • Gifts: I managed to get my hands on gifts for my friends and loved ones back in Manchester. But I as well got some gifts for me (#selflove), simple things that reminds me of home like yummy treats and things for the apartment.

All along I’ve been nervous for nothing, this break was refreshing and now I’m all fuelled up and ready for the next chapter!