Dear reader,

I don’t typically set new years resolutions, or even pre-plan what I want to accomplish throughout the year. I admire people who actually do so, and by the end of the year they could say they accomplished what they set. But, things like this doesn’t motivate me. If you do enjoy setting new years resolutions, I found an article by Forbes for setting successful resolutions (click here).

Here are what I would recommend: –

  • Do what you’ve always wanted.

I’ve wanted to get into blogging and content creating for years, but always thought it wasn’t the right time. There is no ‘perfect time’ to make your dreams come true, just go for it and don’t be afraid of rejection or failure.

  • Eliminate negativity.

We all have that one or two people in our lives who always bring us down, or are a bad influence, or only focus on the negative side in every situation. You should disconnect yourself from people who bring any type of negative energy. I don’t necessarily mean to cut people out of your life, cause sometimes they could be family members, but build barriers, don’t surround yourself with them all the time.

  • You don’t need their approval.

Many people dream of accomplishing the impossible, and most of them do not follow through because they lack support and approval from either friends or family. Along with showing respect, you don’t need anyone’s approval or support to follow your dream, whether you’re trying to convince your parents of being a dancer or an artist, do what you believe in and work hard to prove them all wrong. I understand that is easier said than done, but it’s the only way is to go for it or you’ll never have it in my opinion.

  • Educate yourself.

Enlighten your mind with new concepts or general information you didn’t know before. I myself wasn’t a big reader, or a knowledge seeker, but as I got older I wanted to know more, I wanted to understand so many things better. Using the same example as earlier, if you are aspire to be an artist then learn the different concepts present in that field. YouTube is the current biggest platform for self learning, take advantage of it!

  • Do what you love.

Finally, be happy. Doing what you love is true happiness. We live in a time and age where you can literally make a living from daily vlogging, so, whatever you love, FIND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY OFF IT!

My last recommendation for setting your new years resolution is to make them achievable and realistic, you never want to set something too high for you to realistically achieve. And of course, just enjoy life because we won’t live forever.




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