Dear reader,

Random fact, but one of my pet peeves is dry lips on people, and myself. So, here are simple recommendations that are easy to implement, and could help the state of your lips!

  • WATER.

Yes, unfortunately, water is my first recommendation. One of the top reason we get dry lips is become of dehydration, other reasons could me from illnesses or taking specific medication, but for today we will focus on dehydration. We are all guilty of not drinking enough water everyday, so I simply recommend drinking as much water as you can, but do not over drink.

  • Lip Balm/ Moisturising creams.

Lip balms are an immediate solution than drinking water. Water is an internal solution, which would most likely take weeks to show the effect. Lip balms or lip moisturisers, on the other hand, are external solutions. You apply them directly on top of the skin to enhance the hydration state of the lips instantly. I do highly recommend frequently applying lip balms, although I do not recommend consistently applying it, because skin on lips are sensitive and if you’re consistently covering the skin with a layer of moisturiser or lip balm, it doesn’t allow the skin to breath, decreasing the body to naturally create the oils needed to hydrate that area of skin.

  • Lip Scrub.

I would recommend using a lip scrub once a week, or once every two weeks. Lip scrubs are amazing for removing dead skin as well as moisturising the lips. I wouldn’t recommend using a scrub daily as the lip skin is sensitive.


These three steps are what I personally do to take care of my lips, share with me your personal tips and tricks!