Dear reader,

I naturally used to have an oily T-zone as a teenager, but, from a young age I’ve been using many face creams to deal with acne and pimples, that resulted me having dry skin as an adult. In my personal opinion, it is easier for me to deal with dry skin rather than oily skin.

  • Pore Refining Moisturiser.

I’ve used this product from the age of around 11 to 19 years old. I have decided to stop using it at 19 because I’ve noticed that it made me look flakey and dry with and without wearing foundation. But, nonetheless, this product helped my skin deal with creating excess oil. I do recommend this product, but I would, as well, recommend to not over use it. Stop using this product once you notice you body stopped creating excess oil, and to know this take a few days off using this product, and give your body time (ideally a week) to adjust to not having this product on your skin.

  • Face Masks.

Using hydrating face masks would really help your skin adjust to the ‘dryness’ or ‘oiliness’ of your skin. To my knowledge, I might be wrong about this, but your body creates excess oil because your skin is actually dry, therefore your body is creating even more oil to avoid extreme dryness. Other factors as well influence it, such as the type of food you eat, amount of water you drink, and so on. I’ve uploaded my go to homemade face mask earlier this week (Click here to check it out). But my favourite store bought face mask is actually by The Body Shop called Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask, IT IS A LIFE SAVER! I will post a whole blog raving about this product and how it helped promote the state of my skin soon.

  • Food + Water.

I am sure you already hear it a lot, but the food you put n your body really matters for the health and state of both your physical state, and mental and emotional state. Therefore, I will keep this section simple and short, make sue you drink enough water for your body weight and type, along with substituting unhealthy food and adding healthier options that you enjoy. Be open-minded and give it a go!

  • Hydrating Moisturiser.

Finding the right moisturiser for your skin might be a challenge, well at least for me it was. I believe it took me around three years of trying different moisturisers after giving up the pore refiner moisturiser. I now pick to use serums as moisturisers, instead of face creams, both have the same purpose, but I prefer serums and oils as to me they last much longer on the skin. I’ve spoken about this product in my monthly favourites post last month, but I couldn’t live without it honestly.


I hope this post helps you in anyway with your skin transformation journey, let me know your ‘must-use’ face products!

Have a wonderful weekend!