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Eyelashes are always a staple factor in beauty and makeup looks, and from a young age I’ve always been obsessed with mascaras and the wonders it could do with your natural lashes. While many think nearly all mascaras perform similarly, I believe that shapes of the wands is what makes them unique, obviously, so here are my all time favourite mascaras: –

  • Maybelline- The Colossal Mascaras

These are oldies but goodies. They were my first ever mascara, and I think I used it for two years before trying something different. Back in the day, all the ‘beauty gurus’ on YouTube were talking about this, you know, the good old days of YouTube. It isn’t my go-to anymore, but will always be in my heart, and the core of my makeup journey.

  • Maybelline- The Falsies Volume Mascara

For my second ever mascara, I didn’t move too far I still stayed with the same company, but tried, the then raved about mascara, the falsies. I still constantly use this mascara on a daily bases. I love it when the mascara is nearly done, and dry because they’re easier to use on lower lashes for extra volume and length.

  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Again, and oldie but a goodie, I remember it being a huge trending product in the early days of Instagram businesses. Really great product for both upper and lower lashes, the product could be applied lightly for a more natural look, or built up to look fuller and give more volume.

  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is my all time favourite, I constantly use it, I still currently use it along with the Maybelline Falsies, applying these two together makes it look like I’m wearing false lashes. This product has been my favourite for over two years now, I haven’t bought any other mascaras, but I am looking to branch out and find new staples in the market.

I now stick to applying false lashes, but still use these mascara to blend them with the false lashes. But I do have my days of simple makeup looks with natural lashes, they make my lashes so long and full sometimes even my close friends won’t notice they are my natural lashes! Hope these helped you if your looking to get a new affordable mascara, make sure to follow the blog!




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