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Since Instagram’s most liked picture is currently an egg, and has been trending for the past week, or did trend for like three days (#shadenotshade), I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post on the role of eggs in beauty care. On a real note, I’ve been using eggs as a skin and hair treating ingredient for three years now. I’ve started using it by combining it with different oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and/or anything I had around. But starting a year ago, I’ve been loving using it alone directly on my face or hair. It is an ingredient natural rich in protein, especially the egg whites (a large egg white would roughly contain 3.6 grams of protein). Many focus on using only egg whites, but I believe the yolk has many benefits as well. I keep recommending what I call the ‘Egg Heal‘ to everyone around me, as I believe it heals almost everything related to skin and hair. And I am highly recommending you to try it, as with all masks or treatments, the effect won’t show immediately. I would say, for hair it take around a month to show change and improvement (if used once or twice a week), and on skin it would show around 2-3 weeks (if used once or twice a week).


  • Benefits On Skin: –

As some of you may know, I struggled dealing with oily skin as a teenager, which resulted in dealing with bad pimples and acne. I have, since then, tried many different creams and ingredients to help cure and clear my skin, and eggs have definitely made a huge difference to my skin (check out my skin transformation here!). Using eggs alone without mixing it with other ingredients, eggs help with: –

  1. Tightening Skin: egg whites have astringent properties that result in tightening the skin, and due to it being rich in albumin and protein as well, it could possibly result in slight lifting to the skin (if used frequently for a long duration of time), and could help those trying to get rid of light wrinkles.
  2. Shrinking Pores: Due to it’s tightening nature, it naturally shrinks your pores during the tightening of skin process. This leads to my next point of,
  3. Balancing Natural Excess Body Oil: Again, due to the tightening process and pore shrinking process, the natural oils created by the body would be controlled and balanced as the pores shrink in size.
  4. Moisturising: to those who suffer dry skin, eggs would help to naturally moisturise and add hydration to the skin, resulting in a natural bright and shiny looking skin.
  5. and finally, it is known to be soothing and de-puffing on areas such as under eyes and cheeks.
  • Benefits On Hair: –

As I mentioned before, I used to like creating a mixture of eggs with any type of hydrating oil. If you decide to do that, it would be great and really good for your hair. I, although, have decided to just use eggs on its own to my hair. Eggs help with: –

  1. Promoting Hair Growth: the egg yolk is rich in nutrients that helps promote the growth of healthy hair. Along with that, hair is made up of 70% of keratin protein, and egg whites are rich in protein, that would help recondition the state of the hair by filling in weakened spots throughout the strand of hair.
  2. Preventing Hair Loss: if applied directly on the scalp, with it’s natural role in the promotion of hair growth, it helps strengthening hair strands and hair elasticity.
  3. Adding Natural Shine: again, the protein present has a role in hydrating and adding moisture to the hair.
  4. Healing Damaged Hair: such as over processed and bleached hair. If you did not know, damaged hair is not able to fully be rebuilt and brought to life, you can only make it look healthier and shinier with treatments such as the egg treatment and conditioners, although if your hair is fully damaged, you would probably need to get a hair cut due to severely damaged hair not being to reconstruct fully (internally). So, this treatment would help temporarily condition the hair, but I would recommend to get a fresh hair cut.
  5. Strengthening Hair: as mentioned in the second point, it improves hair elasticity.

Ways to use it:-

  1. Raw and directly on the skin/hair: my recommendation is to use the face mask and hair mask simultaneously, because you won’t need a whole egg just for your face. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you might need 1-3 eggs to cover your whole hair (from roots to ends), and cover your whole face and neck (leaving out the eye area).
  2. Mixing other ingredients with it:  for skin use, I would  recommend using it alone, but for hair adding other ingredients such as oils wouldbe beneficial.
  3. Tissue Technique:  I’ve  personally never tried this method, but you could turn this mask into a peel off mask by placing tissues on your  face (one by one),  and putting  the eggs on the  tissues instead of  directly in your skin.

If you are concerned with dealing with the smell of raw eggs, do not worry, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner after applying the mask for roughly 30mins- 1hr. Let me know if you give any of these a try! and make sure to follow me on my Instagram account @r.gravityblog.