Dear reader,

It is the first of February and valentines day is only days away! It is finally the month of love and appreciation, as should the rest of the year be about. For this year, and every year to come, love shouldn’t only be shown to your partners, but everyone around you. This day should be shared with family, friends, loved ones, and yourself! It is important to let everyone around you feel appreciated, loved, and cared for, as we don’t know how long they’ll be in our lives. I’ve lost the two most closest people in my life nearly five years ago, so crazy how time flies, but from this year on, I will always make sure the people in my life always feel loved and cared for.

So, let’s change the mood and begin talking about great meaningful valentines gifts! For the first gift, I actually made this book on my partner and I’s anniversary, but this book would be as amazing as a valentines day too. It is my company called LoveBook, this company allows you to create a book, similar to a story book, where you could customise page by page, add texts and drawings on it to tell the story you want to tell. You could write it on your love journey together, how much you appreciate them, map out your future plans with them, and options are unlimited, so be creative!

Here is the link to their website:

Secondly, I would recommend building your own gift set. The set could be filled with few different items, even couple would do. The first step to build this would be deciding whether the set would be a box, basket, or a gift bag. Second step would include deciding what you want to fill it with, will it be the food they love? (like their favourite snacks), will it be related to their hobbies? (like football gloves or a personalised guitar pick), will it be a book from their favourite author? or maybe tickets to an upcoming event or reservations to dinner. For those who interested with beauty care, it would be nice filling it with their favourite skincare, body care and/or makeup products. Whatever you decide to fill in, make sure it’s customised to fit who they are, show them that you know them, listen to them, and care about them. And finally, once you’re done filling in the gift set with small different gifts, make sure to add a sweet card writing how much they actually mean to you, make it thoughtful and allow your heart to speak.

Obviously gifts shouldn’t always be materialistic, simply planning a meal or a night out would be equally as perfect, for example, invite them out for the meal and take care of the bill. Or even going to an event, such as going to a concert, movie, miniature golfing, paintball, trampoline park, anything you know they are interested in going for, and obviously affordable for you! Spending a big chunk of money on materialistic items that would probably end up being thrown in the future, isn’t what you want when you do spend money on gift. So, whatever you do decide on purchasing, make sure you create an experience around it for them to remember, there is nothing better than looking back and talking about the great memories you had together.

To end this post, again, make sure to show everyone love and appreciation, from parents, family, to friends, and loved ones, and most importantly, YOURSELF ♥︎