Dear reader,

Two months ago I’ve watched a Lauren Giraldo YouTube video, and she was talking about her sponsorship with the company Function- Of Beauty. Because I am so obsessed with hair care, and trying different products to continuously improve the state of my hair, this naturally caught my attention. It is an American company founded in the 2015, so they’re very new in the business world, but I was still willing to give them a try. So, let me take you through the process of how ordering your personalised shampoo and conditioner: –

Step 1: The first thing you do is take a quiz where you answer questions to regarding the current state of your hair. Such as your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, coily), hair structure (fine, medium, coarse), and scalp moisture (dry, normal, oily).

Step 2: This section include understanding what you are expecting the products to do to your hair. As shown below, there are currently 18 different goals or problems you want to fix, depending on your current state of hair, you get to decide what and expect out of your products. Each problem or goal has a set of key ingredients that helps your hair each the goal.

Step 3: this section is kind of the final page of personalising the products, here you put down what name you want on the bottles. As well as picking what colour of shampoo and conditioner you wish to have (you also have an option to go colour free as I did, and the option of having each bottle a different colour), along with picking the scent of the bottles from fruity to flowery options, and fragrance free option as well as shown in the picture below (I’ve picked the ‘nude (p)each’ scent), as well as picking how strong you want the fragrance to smell.

Step 4: The final page includes picking the sizes of the bottles, along with the prices for each size (as shown below) , and the option of subscribing for getting it delivered every 1/3/6 months, or purchase it once, and the travel option (which I did add because I do travel a lot and use it for the gym), and right before you continue to checkout, you have the option to set the products as a gift, which would be an amazing valentines gifts to your friends and loved ones! For the gift option, you get to pick what date you want it to get delivered, along with a personal message from you to them.

I really appreciated the way the products were packages, small details like great packaging has positive impact on your experience. So, my initial thought after that was “WOW! That smells AMAZING!!”. No, seriously, the peach fragrance smelt wonderful! So I naturally tried it straight away. The shampoo cleaned my hair just like any other normal shampoo would, I was expecting that because what more can a shampoo do, so there was nothing special to me about the shampoo. For the conditioner, it really softened and smoothed my hair, but again, other than the amazing smell, it is very similar to the other products I already used, I couldn’t feel anything different and unique about the products. So, I decided to continue using them for the rest of the month to allow time for the products to show effect.

Overall, it was a good experience, the smell didn’t last more than a day, maybe two, on my hair, and the products I already used gave the same results and are much cheaper and convenient. So, am I going to buy it again? not really, the experience of taking the quiz was fun and I really enjoyed using the products, but there are better, affordable, and more effective options in the market I would rather invest in. I would slightly recommend to go through this experience if you’re up for it. Remember we all have different bodies, and different products have different effects on all of us, so just because I didn’t feel anything difference, doesn’t necessarily mean you would experience the same thing.