Dear reader,

Valentine’s day is less than a week away! and for today’s post, I wanted to emphasise the importance of self-care and self-love, not only on valentines day, but every day of the year for every year to come.

Today’s post will be short and simple, I don’t want to make it long and boring because this is a very near and dear topic to my heart. Falling in love with who you really and truly are and accept your strengths and weaknesses is definitely not easy, but once you’re there, it’s the most amazing feeling people say. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I am definitely on my way, and I know it’s a long journey, but I’m still young and I am confident that I will reach there soon, and so will you.

I’ve read a few articles on self love and care, but only two articles caught my eyes, and I constantly remind myself of them. There’s this article by Psychology Today titles’ A Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love– Self-love is an action not a state of feeling good‘. This article talks about seven points that gets you to the stage of self love in a healthy way, and I really encourage you to have a look at the points. The forth point, setting boundaries, is key and probably the hardest for me, in terms of trying to do more that what I can actually do. I always take on more tasks than I can handle, and sometimes I do it because I don’t like saying no to the ones I love, or disappoint them, so setting boundaries is something I am working harder towards. The fifth point is hard as well, protecting yourself, it is so hard protecting yourself from others because you never know what people’s intentions are, and sometimes people’s true colours come out too late. So this point is a bit tricky but is very important to learn sooner rather than later. And this point leads to the sixth point which is forgiving yourself, forgive ourself for allowing others to hurt you, forgive yourself when you make mistakes, no one is perfect and I’m sure you already know that.

Another article I like to leave you with is titled Be Good to Yourself: 10 Powerful Ways to Practice Self-Love by Tiny Buddha. This article was written by Maria Stenvinkel, and I really like applying what she wrote to the first article I mentioned on top. This article taught me that self-love isn’t something that happens naturally all the time, they explained it like working-out your muscles, it needs practice and consistency. Even in tough times, don’t forget self forgiveness and self care. And of course, the obvious, not comparing yourself to others in any way, not in looks, not in fortune, not in fame or anything. Appreciate what you currently have, it is easy to forget what you are blessed with when you’re always wanting more in life, materialistic things are just not worth it, even the richest would agree.

To end this post, what both articles have in common is acceptance of the things out of your control, we have limited control in our lives and external factors have huge impacts on us, like people lying or not treating you the right way. Another point they had in common is healthy living, not only in food but healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Along with surrounding yourself with the right people, keep your circle small, close, and intimate, but don’t stop yourself from meeting good people in your life because there are many good people in the world , but sometimes you have to go through the bad ones to know who the good ones are.

Take care

Much love,