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I love food, I mean who doesn’t, and I love cooking and creating different recipes and meals. But, I don’t have that many years experience in cooking different things, and every now and then I find myself repeating the same meals over and over again, and obviously that gets boring and demotivating, and leads to me wanting to order food more ofter, which hits my bank account hard.

So many social media influencers and public figures have been sponsored and talked about buying food boxes containing set meals to guide you to cook homemade food, companies like BlueApron in the US, and HelloFresh in the UK. I’ve been contemplating whether to try a box or not, and after years of considering, I finally decided to try it this year, as I am trying to be more open in experiencing new things. So here is what the box looks like once you open it.

If you are not familiar with the process, you start buy selecting the type of food box. HelloFresh offer three types: Classic Box , Rapid Box, and Family Box. All of them include £5 per meal, and a minimum of three meals per box (click here to find out more). Each meal comes packed in one big bag so it is easier not to mix up the ingredients with the wrong recipe. Here are the meals I picked from a Classic Box: –

Let me first say that they did not have any halal options, but they do have pork-free options along with vegetarian options. So if you’re looking for halal options then this isn’t for you, unless you like vegetarian food. So, let me break them down for you one recipe at a time, here we go:

  • Spanish Style Fish Stew

This meal wasn’t my favourite, it was ok but nothing I would pick to cook and eat again. Firstly, it wasn’t my favourite because I am not a huge fan of cooked fish, I’m more of a sushi girl when it comes to fish, so I know I’m sounding bias but it wasn’t a hit for me. Secondly, the flavours were ‘simple’, nothing special about them, it was too plane for my liking.

As shown in the picture, these are all the ingredients included in the bag (I forgot to include the garlic in the picture). This recipe contains nuts, and if you’re allergic like me, just leave them out when cooking. The timing was accurate, which I highly appreciated. But overall, this dish wasn’t a hit for me.

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

This was the first meal I actually cooked, it was stressful for me because I did the mistake of not reading the whole recipe steps and read it during the process of cooking, which made me run around and forget somethings. But overall, this is my favourite of the three recipes, the whole recipe was so easy to cook, and would have been a quick recipe to cook if I had read the whole thing before starting, but, you live and you learn right. Anyway, I do advice to give this dish a try.

  • Creamy Aubergine Curry

If you want the truth, I only picked this option because other options either included pork (I don’t eat pork), or the meal simply didn’t interest me. So, my thought when picking this is to add my own meat, like just adding chicken to it, but when it came to the day of cooking this meal, I forgot to defrost the chicken and was too hungry and lazy to do it, so I ended up cooking the dish exactly like the recipe (I did add carrots to the dish just because I had too many carrots and didn’t want them to go bad). This dish is my second favourite, it was such a creamy and delicious meal I went back for thirds! which isn’t normal for me. The coconut milk really changed and levelled up the taste and flavours in this dish, and just made it amazing. It would have been even better, in my opinion, if chicken was added, but even the vegetables alone where just so good. Another highly recommended recipe to try!

For my final thoughts, I do advice you to try this service if you’re getting into the habit of cooking and aren’t very familiar with different recipes, or how to cook specific dishes. It is a really easy way to learn and get in the habit of cooking more at home. It is also great how flexible the service is, you could pick which weeks you want the box to get delivered, how many meals, and you’re able to pre-order for the coming week. I would probably continue with this service if I had a family, a stable job and extra money to spend, but unfortunately I am most likely not going to continue with them because it is expensive for a student life, and the delivery was not ideal for my schedule as HelloFresh only delivers on Tuesdays which mostly I am not home, but other than that it is a good service.

If I was to rate this, it would be: 6.5/10

Here is the link to their website (website:, this is not a sponsored post, but again, I would recommend to try this at least once because I am a fan of the idea and service.