Dear reader,

As you may know, makeup is not cheap, and with all the new trends, it’s not getting any cheaper.

I’ve been wearing and loving makeup for nearly 8 years now, and I don’t even want to estimate how much money I’ve spent on makeup since I’ve started wearing it. But, when attempting to manage your money on items such as makeup, self control and self discipline is essential.

Here are my recommendations on how to best save money when purchasing makeup:-

  • Know what you need, not what you want.

I know it is every makeup wearer’s dreams to own every eyeshadow palette, lip stick, and literally every makeup products available at Sephora or in the market. But in reality, we can’t afford to do that. But what we could afford is to figure out what we need. For example, you need one good foundation that matches your tone, drugstore foundations are honestly the best, and if you wear foundation almost everyday, then it’s best to get a good drugstore foundation to be able to repurchase multiple times once it finishes.

  • Find the drugstore version of it.

When it comes to new products, and seeing all social media influencers talk about these top brands’ latest releases, even I sometimes find myself heavily contemplating to whether to get it or save my money. But, as many influencers already mentioned, almost all high-end products have their drugstore substitutes. So, a bit of research won’t kill, just find the same product offered by a more affordable brand.

  • You one have two eyes!

In reality, you don’t need 5-10 different eyeshadow palettes, most of the colours are repeated or similar in most of the palettes anyway. And when considering health risks, each palette lives approximately around 2 years, so having multiple will mean you’re going to waste your money and throw them, because it would be nearly impossible for one person to fully finish 5 different palettes within 2 years.

So, I would suggest two eyeshadow palettes, now for this I actually think you need one nude palette for a natural look, or transition colour, and one colourful palette for creating those night and creative looks. We all honestly have our go-to looks that we use maybe 3-4 different shades. So find a palette that contains the colours you know you’ll use most.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of drugstore eyeshadows, so for me it is worth investing a bit more money on eyeshadow palettes if I’m sure I will be using it a lot. Finally, 1 good eyeliner, 1 or 2 good drugstore mascara is all you need, I live on drugstore mascaras, they’re my favourite and very very affordable too!

  • Lips! Lips! Lippps!!

A good lip colour could change your whole look and take it to the next level. To be honest, I am the worst in lip colours, I probably have over 30 different lip product items and only use 3! which is again heart breaking because they live up to 1-2 years only.

My recommendation for this would be having 5 go to lip colours, again drugstore products are the best when it comes to this. I would suggest 1) Good nude colour, 2) good pink-ish colour, 3) red colour, and the last two colours is what you like and would usually put on. I believe that is a fair amount considering drugstore lip products are amazing and very affordable as well.

Don’t forget a good lip balm too!!

Well, hopefully this post helped you in managing your finances when it comes to makeup, I’ll try to take my own advice the next time I go makeup shopping.

Take care and love,