Dear reader,

I’ve mentioned before how I suffered with bad acne as a teenager (click here to read), and so for today I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post regarding how to study and learn your own skin.

Here are my tips for how to quickly learn the nature of your skin, along with how to start your heeling journey: –

  • Identify the problem.

This step is simple and easy, the first thing you need to do is just look at your skin in the mirror and see what doesn’t seem to be right. The common skin problems as: oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin (that could be a result from oily skin). These are the common, ‘normal’, skin conditions that aren’t considered a skin disorder or a medical condition.

Once you’e identified the problem, you’re ready to start your heeling journey.

  • Learn the products in the market.

Invest some time watching and reading product reviews as it’s more helpful to quickly identify what actually works, but keep in mind that sometimes people are paid to talk highly of products for promotional reasons.

As well, research the ingredients that are helpful for your skin problem to make shopping for products easier, and learn what products to avoid as well.

  • Reflect of your diet.

As with most things, food and water intake is critical. We’ve all at one point in our lives heard ” Water heels all skin problems”, well, it is actually true.

I just have three tips for this step: 1) Avoid oily based food, such as heavily fried food. 2) Drink enough water, don’t over drink water as it could be considered unhealthy, have just enough water for what your body can take. And finally 3) Include fresh fruits and veggies in your diet to get the most out of the vitamins and nutrients. Depending on your case, applying these into your daily routine might be easy, but it your finding it difficult, break them down and focus on incorporating one step at a time into your routine until you’re used to all three of them.

  • Are you stressed?

Depending on your situation, you might be stressed from school, university, work, relationships/friendships, or maybe other causes of stress.

As stress is a big subject, and it isn’t so easy to overcome, try identifying ways to calm your self and deal with your stress, as your body physically and mentally is effected by high levels of stress.

  • Create a routine that works for you.

Come up with a routine that best suits your daily routine, along with finding products that you can truly afford, especially purchasing it over and over again once it finishes. Creating your routine includes you deciding what products you want to use on a daily and weekly bases, for example how many times a week will you apply a face mask? (they recommend 1-2 times a week), or in your daily routine are you going to have a day cream? night cream? face wash? face scrub? exfoliators? cleansers and so on. Whatever you end up deciding, make sure you can carry on the routine on a daily/weekly bases.

I hope this helped you in some way to figure out what you need to do in order to start, or continue, on your skin heeling journey.

Take care and love,