Dear reader,

I’ve been a victim of bad eyelash extensions (ok a bit dramatic, but they were BAD!). Although at that moment I thought they looked amazing, looking back now, IT LOOKED HORRIBLE! Well, to me they were.

The main reason I wanted to get eyelash extensions was because I couldn’t really apply false/strip lashes correctly, I was very bad at them that it got me so frustrated and annoyed, changing my mood and making me not go out for the rest of the day. So, I thought the best and easiest option was to get eyelash extensions, as in 2016 everyone gave positive reviews on them, and was basically following this trend (not that I am a trend follower, but that’s another day’s topic).

So here I have 6 different pictures taken at different moments during my eyelash extension journey: –

I know you might think they look ‘ok’, or may be you agree with what I’m about to say. So, my number one issue was, YOU COULDN’T EVEN TELL I HAD EYELASH EXTENSIONS. So, I paid SO much money for the application and the maintenance (which is getting them infilled every 3-4 weeks), and my specific request when I had the consultation was ” I want them to look very voluminous and thick“, and the lady replied “ok! not a problem, I got you!”. My eyelashes looked so normal and ‘natural’ that I hated them, I went there for the sole purpose of them looking fuller with more volume. I kept on telling them to “make them look thicker“, but she kept on saying I couldn’t have that, yet everyone in the whole world could have that.

Then I thought may be I was going to someone who wasn’t that talented, may be I should look for a different salon to get them done in. Fast forward to few months, after many consultations, everyone I went to told me I couldn’t have a fuller look because my natural eyelashes won’t be able to handle it, they would break/fall off because I had naturally thin eyelashes.

Knowing this now, I accept it, but I wish the first salon I went to would have told me this because so much money was wasted on them, in a way, tricking me to thinking they were adding more lashes (which resulted me in paying more because of the ‘additional’ lashes).

I know this picture might look weird, don’t know what I was doing with the filter there and the piggy nose. But anyway, this was the only close-up picture of my eyelash extensions I truly had. Plus, this was taken couple hours the first time I got it. Again, this might not look bad to you, but for me I wanted a completely different look.

To conclude, I do not recommend them and here’s why:-

  • Expensive to apply, maintain and remove.
  • Time consuming when it comes to going to appointments for infills.
  • Don’t know whether this is in my case but, they fall really fast, they don’t last as long on your eyelashes as they tell you it would.
  • Limited products could be used because they tell you to stay away from oil-based products, not wash your eyes for the first 48hrs, and some makeup products could be hard to apply ( e.g. eyeliner), and other daily routine difficulties might occur.
  • Cannot truly and completely clean it when it comes to wiping off your eye makeup, because you tend to be more gentle and careful that not all of the makeup comes off.

Well, I hope that helped you if you were considering eyelash extensions. Let me say that many who wear eyelash extensions have better experiences and journeys, unfortunately mine was bad, but it taught me how to master the application of false/strip lashes!

Take care and Love,