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For this past week, I’ve decided to challenge myself in testing my athletic abilities. Nothing too crazy, but when I was younger I used to be very active in sports. I think I played every type of sport offered in my school, from basketball, to handball, volleyball, football, badminton, and different throwing sports. But once I graduated high-school, I haven’t joined any sports team, or have done anything active since then.

For me, this isn’t something I’m fully proud of, because sports was a huge part of my life and it taught me so many life lessons (like team-working, and setting personal targets, along with commitment and being punctual), and with loosing something that was such an important part of my life really effected me overall (in terms of body, physical and mental health, and loosing an important part of my personality). Hence why I thought of doing this challenge.

So, let’s get into the challenge! I challenged myself to go to the gym everyday of the week (for my schedule that is a huge thing), and to commit to having at least half an hour workout each day. So, here we go!

Day 1- Monday

The first day consisted of a workout class that I’ve never been before, the class was titled ‘Abs Blast‘ which lasted half an hour (as shown in the picture below). I got to the gym a bit earlier than expected, so I decided to have a mini warm up session ( I did a medium-speed workout on the cross-trainer to get my blood flowing and ready for the class).

As shown in this picture, the class description explains what the purpose of the workout session was, and how long it was for.

The class wasn’t as bad as I thought, the moves were getting harder and harder for sure, and I couldn’t hold some of the moves for that long. But I was overall happy that I finished the whole class without walking out in the middle. I feel it definitely focused on other body areas along with the abs, for example my arms were very sore the next day.

Day 2- Tuesday

My first ever ‘Spin Class‘, and OMG! I LOVE IT!

I get it now, I understand why everyone in L.A loves spin classes. During the exercise you feel so much pain, especially on your thighs, but the moment the class finishes, your whole body feels amazing. My abs did hurt for the next three days, but the thought of having pain and knowing those muscles are getting toned alone makes me feel so satisfied, and craving to go back again.

Again, when looking at the description of the class. It is a 30 mins long workout that requires you to continuously move and exercise.

The class I went to had the first 8 mins of warm up (they called ‘free cycling’), then 15 mins of full energy and speed workout (consisting of a mixture of fast and slow pedaling, and sitting and standing cycling, along with few push-ups on the bike), and finally the remaining 7 mins where for cool down and stretching.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and cannot wait to go back again.

Day 3- Wednesday

My Wednesday morning and afternoon was filled with work, and I couldn’t make it to any classes because most of them run during the morning and afternoon. So I had to go at night, I got there by 8pm and did my own workout.

I started with a 10 mins warm up on the cross-trainer, then moved to the cycling machine and did what I could remember from the spin class the previous day. I intended to do 20 mins there but couldn’t last the final 5 minutes because I got lightheaded for some reason. So I moved down to the yoga mats and did some stretching and called it a night.

Day 4- Thursday

This Thursday my schedule was very hectic, and I did not have the time to stop by the gym at all today. Therefore, I decided to find my own half an hour workout that I could do at home, so didn’t loose a full day of not working out.

Because I was working my body hard the last few days, I thought of having some relaxing workout that could stretch and relief the tension (and the tightness) on my body. While searching YouTube, I came across this 45min long home yoga session that looked interesting. So I followed the workout and it was honestly so soothing and felt great once I finishes. Making me happy that I managed to fit in a workout before ending the day.

(Yoga YouTube Vid:

Day 5- Friday

As with yesterday, I knew I had a long day of places to be. I was invited to multiple places today that were located at different places and at different times of the day. So, knowing I was going to be out the whole day, I decided to redo the home yoga session from yesterday, again today too.

I used the same video, and did it in the morning right after having breakfast and right before having my cup of coffee. It really woke my body up and made me feel fresh and ready for the day, so I recommend it you do try this, try to do it in the morning.

Day 6- Saturday

Another session of ‘Abs Blast‘ today, but today we had a different trainer, who had a whole different workout planned. It was one of the hardest sessions I’ve done yet, but the moment it finished I felt so good and ready for the day. And finally, my body doesn’t ache so much after a workout!

For today, I’ve arrived like half an hour earlier (I don’t know how or why), so I did a 10 min warm up on the cross-trainer, followed by some stretching on the yoga mat, and some leg weight lifting machine (as shown in the picture), for another few minutes before the class started.

Day 7- Sunday

Another busy day, I had a morning full of things to do and places to go to, and on top of that once I got home I have a few more things to do and write for my university work. But, today I’ve purchased a humidifier when I was out earlier in the day, so I decided to do one more yoga session at home (to end my week of working out with relieving body tension) with the humidifier on, and it’s a game changer. I don’t know if it was in my mind, but I honestly felts so calmed and could focus more with the humidifier on. I love it so much I actually put it on before going to sleep!

To conclude, my goal was to go to the gym and join a class each of the days, but, as I expected, life got to me and I have other things to do as my daily schedule isn’t as free as it used to be. I am glad that I at least continued the challenge at home on days I couldn’t make it to the gym, because I didn’t want to make any excuses for not working out on any of the days.

In reality, I would continue to go to the gym as much as I can, along with include a short and quick home workout on days I couldn’t. Although I do know there will be days I won’t workout, so for now my goal is to workout four days a week.

I would recommend you to try this challenge to test your abilities if you are joined to a gym, if not, then try this challenge at home and attempt to do half an hour workouts everyday. Trust me, you will not regret this challenge.

Take care and love,



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