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For a really long time, actually, up to the end of last year I’ve never enjoyed taking baths. I always thought they were pointless and a waste of time, and may be that was true for my younger self because I would have rather did something productive or enjoyable.

But now at my age, as a person who continuously works both day and night, I end up finding my self overworking my mind when I attempt to complete multiple tasks within one day. Which usually ends my day with being really tired, lazy to do my night time skin routine, and stressed when I have incomplete tasks.

So, here began and grew my love for baths. Such a simple thing to do, yet so effective in distressing and calming the mind. So, I’ve decided to share with you what products I am currently enjoying when it comes to my bath!

  • Lush Bath Bombs

My number one fave products right now are Lush bath bombs. I use bath bombs as ‘treats’ to myself after accomplishing so much, so I would say I use a bath bomb once, may be twice, a month. My favourites are: Intergalactic, Twilight, Ylang Song Bombshell, and Sakura, and looking to try other bath bombs they offer (Shop here if interested). Other Lush products I’m enjoying are the bubble bars, so far I have tried the Comforter and Sunnyside.

  • nspa- Fruit Extracts

For other days, I have bubble baths around 3-4 times a week as it keeps me motivated and energized throughout the week. These are bath/body gels that I love using it in my bath to create bubbles, they are more affordable to repurchase and overall smell AMAZING. I would say the smell sticks on your body for half of the day before it starts fading away.

The scents or ‘flavours’ I’ve been enjoying are: Cherry, Raspberry, Clementine (which smells like the drink Fanta), and Coconut.


  • Boux Avenue- Rosebud bath petals

And finally, when I have my ‘treat’ baths I love adding some extra complimentary items such as their rose petals. It’s scent is so soothing, it simply look very romantic and extra relaxing (in some weird way) (Click here to shop). I’m still looking for other products I could add to my bath routine, and if I found anything worth sharing I will write an updated post about them.


Future products I would like to try: –

  • Laura Mercier- Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath (Click here)
  • The Body Shop- Mango Bath Bomb (Click here)
  • Herbivore- Coconut Milk Bath Soak (Click here)

I hope you enjoyed reading this point, let me know what bath products you enjoy using?!

Take care and love,



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