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To keep in the theme of last Friday’s topic, I thought of writing another bath related product. Well, it’s not exactly bath products, but they’re body and skincare products.

As a person who both my degrees are on business and entrepreneurship, I naturally love to learn about companies’ missions and visions, and the reason they started their company. According to their ‘About Us‘ page on their website, this is what they have shared along with a really inspiring video: –

Their mission is to help turn everyday ‘routine’ into a ‘ritual’, meaning they want people to take a break from normal boring, stressful, and repetitive daily routines to have a ritual, a time where people take a break and get away from daily distractions to calm down and have what we call ‘me time’. I really admire the message behind this because as I get older each day, I realize how busy life can get, especially at my age where you’re trying to build a future, and a product with such a message can really be inspiring to take a break, look back at what you have accomplished so far, and appreciate what you have been blessed with.


The collection I got is called Dao, and it contains: Foaming Shower Gel, Shower Oil, Body Scrub, and Body Lotion.

The picture on top is the collection I got on my birthday last year, and I still haven’t used all of the products, but I used three out of the four (I still haven’t tried the shower oil). The first product I tried and finished within just a week was the lotion. The body lotion smelt AMAZING, and the smell lasted the whole day! After falling in love with the body lotion, I started using the body scrub and foaming shower gel, which could be used as bubble gel for baths.

If you want my complete honesty, their products are standard, there is nothing special or different than other body products in the market. The products does the job, in terms of cleaning and hydrating, but nothing that particularly stood out for me. But even with that said, I really enjoyed the fragrance, the smell of the products are definitely unique, and a hint of Asia, which is very special to me cause it remind me of back home whenever I use it here in England.

What They Offer:-

You could shop two ways, according to products or according to collection. So far they offer 12 different collections. The collections are: –

  • Ayurveda
  • Dao
  • Karma
  • Hammam (Meaning bath in Arabic)
  • Happy Buddha
  • Holi
  • Sakura
  • Samurai
  • Yalda
  • Cleopatra (Limited Edition)
  • Namasté (Limited Edition)

Overall, they have around 137 different body products that ranges from range from £8-£20, and gift collection of £20-£69. A 102 home products, that includes home fragrance, bath essentials and also car perfumes which ranges from £7-£99, with they average pricing of around £20-£40.

They as well offer clothing products for both women and men along with some accessories such as robs, lounge wear, and active wear, and these range from £30-£75. They also have a category called Baby & Mom offering products fit for babies that range from £5-£19. Along with travel sized products and collections ranging from £3-£20.

For face, they offer around 54 different skincare products for both women and men, offering shaving kits, masks and daily creams, and these range from £4-£33. Next they offer makeup! They have around a 123 different makeup products, from face, eyes, lips, nails and makeup brushes, these range from £3-£32. And finally, they offer perfumes, both for women and men, that ranges from £15-£39.


To conclude, I am really looking forward to trying new products from the other ranges and collections they offer. My next purchase from them is going to be trying their makeup and face skincare products, along with the Hammam collection as that should be representing my culture, the Arabic culture, and I hope they don’t disappoint! If you’re interested, this is not a sponsored post but checkout their products here, they are amazing.

Let me know if you’re tried any of their product!

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