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Today’s review will be about the wonderful and beautiful lip toppers by Jouer. These were released around two years ago, and I first purchased them at the beginning of last year. At first, I did not like them at all, I thought they looked tacky and ‘over-the-top’ for an ordinary day out. But they slowly grew on me, and I started to fall in love with them because they were able to make my lips look hydrated (my lips tend to look dehydrated because I don’t drink enough water). I had to learn how to apply the ‘right amount’ for it to be (and look) appropriate for an every day look.

If applied alone, they are sheer and glittery (the colour of the glitter depends on the shade of topper you choose). My recommendation for picking a good topper is to go according to your most worn lip colour. If you tend to go for pink-ish lips then go for a rose gold topper to suit it best, or if you tend to go for a nude lips more then I would recommend a golden or bronze topper.

Here are the colours I have tried: –

  • Skinny Dip.

I love using this shade on nights or days I want extra glitter, the glitter could be subtle if wanted, and it is buildable if you want a very glittery lip. All the topper shades listed in this post is from their Metallic lip topper collection, and this shade has pure golden glitters.

  • Frost Bite

This shade initially scared me, I thought getting a white glitter topper would look very tacky and mismatch the colours I tend to go for the most. But it honestly blends perfectly well with all lip colours, and I usually reach for this shade of topper the most out of the three. On their website, they described this glitter as snowy pearl.

  • Tan Lines

I forgot to mention earlier, it smells like candy! The toppers all have a sweet candy-like scent that is not over powering (but isn’t subtle either- it’s in between). This shade is a mixture of golden and bronze glitters, it looks incredible over nude lip colours (as shown in the picture below), especially darker nude shades.

Here are the swatches:-

Here is the video with the three shades stated on top, without flash.

Shade Skinny Dip on the left. Shade Frost Bite in the middle. Shade Tan lines on the right.

Here is the video with the three shades stated on top, with flash on.

Shade Skinny Dip on the left. Shade Frost Bite in the middle. Shade Tan lines on the right.

TIP: another way of using these toppers in using them as an eyeshadow. If you’re looking for a really shiny and glittery eyeshadow look, add a small amount of the topper after finishing your eyeshadow right in the middle of your eyelids (or wherever you placed your shimmery eyeshadow). A second way of using it is using it as a base to add a shimmery eyeshadow on top, having the same effect by giving you a more glittery look.

Let me know if you tried any of the toppers, and if you tried any other Jouer products!

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3 thoughts on “Review~ Jouer Lip Toppers

  1. Do these dry out lips at all? Sometimes glitter gloss leaves my lips with that scary white dead skin look at the end of the day…

    These look incredible though! I feel like they could really glam up a look!

    1. That is very true actually, I have experienced bad lips after glittery products. But if you want the truth, I have never tried this directly on my lips, I have always had a lip liner and lipstick under it, therefore it has never actually dried my lips at all. Thank you for taking the time to read my post beautiful xx

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