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We all have those lazy days where we cannot be bothered to do our full night-time skincare routine, and end up reaching the nearest makeup remover wipe on sight. Now, I am not going to lie, I have those nights more that usual. I am trying to stop myself from using makeup remover wipes as my primary was to remove makeup, but it’s a loosing battle for me.

So, I have tried a few makeup wipes in the market and thought of sharing my experiences with four of them. They are:-

  • The Body Shop- Vitamin E

As much as I love The Body Shop products, and as much as I love the vitamin E collection that they offer, I really dislike this product. When purchasing it, I instantly took two packets of it (I don’t know why). I naturally thought that because I enjoyed all the products in their vitamin E collect, I would love this product too, but I was very wrong. The scent or fragrance is too strong and overpowering, it doesn’t do the job well (sometimes using two wipes just to get small amount of makeup off), and there is an ingredient in it that actually leaves my skin with a burning feeling, like my skin is being very irritated (although it did not cause any pain, only a discomforting feeling). Would I recommend this? NO, Would I ever buy it again? No, because its formula is ridiculously bad for a makeup remover wipe.

  • Simple- Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes.

This is what I am currently using after I experienced a nightmare with the body shop one. I wouldn’t call it the bed makeup wipe in the world, but it is really good, I am really enjoying using it at the moment. It’s affordable, it’s of good quality, and it does the job perfectly right. I would highly recommend this product if you haven’t tried it before.

  • Johnson’s Face Care- Makeup Be Gone Refreshing Wipes.

This was the first makeup wipe I’ve ever used. I remember when I was 13, when I first started using and experimenting with makeup, my mum used to use this makeup remover, so I naturally followed in her footsteps and used it. I can’t remember exactly the quality of the wipe, because I was so young and new to the makeup world, but I do remember it doing the job just right too. It never irritated my skin, it never broke out my skin or cause any type of issue. Would I recommend it? Maybe yes, I will need to try it again just to make sure they haven’t changed the formula throughout the years, but it was a really good wipe.

  • Primark (P.S.)- Facial Cleansing Wipes.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to budget your finance, then you will understand why Primark wipes were the best. They weren’t the best in quality, but for the price, it did the job. So, early in my uni days, before I actually learned how to manage my money, I used to be tight in money by the end of the month, and I couldn’t afford to repurchase everything that got emptied by the end of the month. Therefore, naturally you prioritize what you spend on and what you cut down on, and unfortunately, at the time I didn’t understand the importance of skincare products to the skin, I cut budgets on makeup remover wipes (along with other skincare products such as daily cream). Three packs would come together as a set when you purchase it, and you had an option to pick between which types you prefer (for example, the argon collection, the deep cleansing wipes collection). How I recommend them? Not really, only if you were tight in money and had no other option, because they did do the job to be honest, but they weren’t the best quality you could find.

Well, here are my four different experiences with four different makeup wipes. Let me know down below your experiences with different makeup wipes? And whether you have tried any of the wipes I have listed above.

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