Wow! March is already over! where has the time gone. I can’t believe this years is already flying by, it is so scary to me when I think of how fast time is going. But nevertheless, this month has been good to me, in terms of the blog gaining more audience, my personal life and uni life going really well, and overall I am mentally healthy and focused.

This month I have a few rediscoveries and some new discoveries, here are what I’ve been enjoying this month: –


  • Bubble Tea- Taro Milk Tea

I have been in love with bubble tea since discovered it when I moved to England in 2014.

But this month, the weather has been crazy, one day it is warm, the next is rainy and windy, so with the constant change in weather I suddenly kept on craving it more than usual. Well, may be it was because we had a new bubble tea stand recently open in out food place.

My Order:

  • Moroccan Mint Tea

Since my mum came over to England this month, she brought some goodies from back home, and I’ve been nostalgic ever since! Drinking a hot cup of Moroccan mint tea after lunch is a big (and really important) tradition in my family. It’s not only a good ‘family-bonding-time’, but also good to wash down all the food you’ve eaten. I’ve been drinking this religiously for the past three weeks!


  • Rose Water spray- Mario Badescu

This product has been my bestie this month (I am not joking), I think I used it every single day and night of this month and I still have so much of it left! I didn’t notice any major change with my skin from using this, it just woke me up every morning making me feel fresh and rejuvenated. It doesn’t actually hydrate my skin, but if I only had this product on all day with nothing on top, it doesn’t allow my skin to go dry (so in a way it hydrates my skin internally).

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  • Velvet Loose Mineral Beauty Powder- Kiko Milano

I believe this product has been discontinued because I couldn’t find it on their website. I purchased mine over two years ago and for the two years of having it I never actually gave it a shot, it sounded interesting and that’s why I bought it. But, this month I’ve been going for a more ‘no makeup natural’ look as my uni deadlines have been more this month. And have fallen in love with this powder, it is a loose mineral powder that I use under my blush, and it just makes the colour of the blush stand out more, and last for a longer time period. I know it is now discountinued but,I will keep you updated when I find a substitute!


  • Tresemme- Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

I’ve been using this heat protection spray for over a year and a half now, and it finished the last week of Feb, but I did not realize that this was an essential part of my haircare routine until the bottle finished! (let me know if you realize you like something once it finishes too)

So, after that experience, I realized that this in my favourite heat protection spray currently, and I believe it is because of the keratin properties making my hair feel very soft and shiny.

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So, these are this months favourite products, let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month! and what would you recommend me to try!

Stay tuned for next month’s favourite, monthly faves posts are uploaded the last Thursday of each month.

Take care and love,