Dear reader,

We are approaching spring/summer time, and depending where you live, the weather might be amazing or horribly bad. I currently live in England and well, summers aren’t actually a thing. Last summer was hot and unexpected in England, and I am hoping and praying for this summer to be as good (or even better) than last year.

So, I decided to set myself some goals that I need to accomplish before the summer ends. Hopefully, I won’t forget any of them as my life is about to get even busier, nevertheless, here are my four goals for this summer: –

  • GO OUT.

I love home, like really really love being home, I would only leave home if I had to. So, my goal is to change my own attitude towards not wanting to leave home, cause let’s be honestly, that isn’t a healthy way to live. I need to expose myself to nature and be ok with going out even if I didn’t need to get anything. This goal doesn’t seem like anything big, but it actually is for me.

  • Cook more.

Cooking is always a challenge for me, one week I will be really good in cooking everyday, and the next weeks I would be so lazy. And it’s not like I cook hard meals, almost everything I cook is quick and easy. So, my goal for this summer is launching a cooking section on my blog where I share my cooking and baking recipes with you! Hopefully, this would encourage me to cook more, and learn new recipes as well.

  • Be active- Travel.

I started going to the gym two months ago, but then life got in the way and I couldn’t keep it up. But, starting from this month I will start putting more effort into going to the gym at least twice a week (if I couldn’t do four).

My goal for the summer is being more active in general, like going swimming (which I used to really enjoy growing up), as I mentioned previously, go out more and travel to see places I’ve never seen before, and overall keeping my body and mind active instead of sleeping all day (which I deeply love doing).

  • Upload 5 Videos on my blog and IG.

So far, I think I’ve been doing really good in sticking to my Mondays and Fridays upload, and I hope to keep creating more content to continue building my blog. But for my summer goal, I would love to start creating more videos to go in my blog and IG, videos related to beauty, skincare, and others, maybe even include a challenge or two. My goal is to upload at least 5 videos before the summer ends, so wish me luck (because I need it!).


Well, those were my summer goals, I will be actively posting on my IG if I’ve accomplished (or in the process of accomplishing) any os my set goals, so make sure to follow me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this random post, let me know your goals for this summer! And don’t forget to enter my current 100 followers giveaway! (click here to enter)

Take care and love,



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