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Whether you’re a female or a male, we all know that females get their period monthly (typically). And if you’re a female you either get extreme pain or nothing at all (which I 100% envy). Today’s topic might be a sensitive topic to some of you, but for me I am fully comfortable with discussing this as it is a normal natural experience.

For me, this time of the month is extremely challenging as I get extreme pain and find it really hard to continue through my daily tasks when all I want to do is sleep in bed. But, as I keep growing I force myself to learn how to deal and cope with this pain as the world doesn’t stop, and important things need to be done even when I’m not feeling the best. Therefore, here are my tips for dealing with the pain:-

  • Breathing.

This might sound weird, but focusing on taking deep breaths immediately eases the pain for me. Firstly because it takes your mind off the pain, and secondly because the biology behind it explains how the increase in oxygen relives body pain (here is an article that discusses what heavy breathing could cure). I highly recommend this to be your first step once you feel any type of body pain or discomfort, before taking any further actions. It helps your whole body, including your mind, stay calmed and allows you to focus, think, and be able to actually move without experiencing extreme pain.

  • Pain Killers.

Now, I am not a fan of medication in general, but period pain is my exception. I only take a maximum of two pills on the first day of my period, I try not to exceed this limit just because I personally do not like taking pills and medication, but for me, I experience really bad body pain that I have no option but to take pain killers to be able to even breath. Of course if you do not get pain this point will not be relevant for you, or if you do experience light pain this might be the only point that is beneficial in your case.

The picture below is the painkiller I love using (Feminax Express), it is a really small pill so it’s easy to drink, and it acts very fast compared to other painkillers I’ve tried.

  • Warm Drinks.

Herbal tea, such as hibiscus and chamomile is said to help with cramps . I prefer drinking ginger, honey and lemon tea, but I would recommend you to simply drink your favourite warm drink to ease the cramps, my advice would be to stay away from sugary drinks for the first few days at least.

  • Hot Water Bottle.

When I was a teenager, I would use this a lot around my lower-stomach and lower-back area to help with the cramps, and to be honest it never actually helped me but I did it because I was told it could help. I personally do not use it anymore, but know many of women who do use it and say it helps them.

  • Keep your body moving.

As tempting as it is to crawl in a ball in bed when you’re experiencing period, you would actually have to try to avoid that as those positions allows your body to tense and therefore takes longer to relief the pain. You do not have to exercise, but moving your body and walking is very important, in my personal experience, it helps the blood flow in your body and allows it to heel faster.

These are the things I personally do to feel better during this time of the month, please feel free to share the things you do during your period that helps you relieve the pain.

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