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To keep in the theme of last Monday’s post, today I will be sharing with you 6 different ways you can prep your skin after makeup, or just prep your skin before going to bed.

  • Makeup Wipes.

This is probably the worst way to remove makeup (click here to read my makeup wipes review). I actually do not know why it is so bad using these wipes, because honestly, these are my first choice when I’m feeling lazy and tired after a long day. My current favourite is the Simple makeup remover wipe (shop here) because I find it more gentle than the others I’ve been using recently.

  • Rose Water.

I’ve already expressed my love for using rose water on a cotton pad to wipe off any excess dirt, or makeup, off my face before applying makeup (click here to read) but, I as well love using it right after I remove my makeup . I would not recommend using this as your primary way if removing makeup, as it doesn’t do a good job in taking off foundation, liquid products, and other powdery products. The way I use it is by firstly removed my makeup with a wipe or washing it off, after that I would pat my face dry then use the rose water (on a cotton pad) to wipe off excess dirt.

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  • Face Wash.

This is my ‘go-to’ way of removing my makeup when I have the energy and time to do so (usually if I remove my makeup during the evening and not late at night). I know it is getting annoying, but once again I’m going to mention it, I love using the Vitamin E face wash by The Body Shop (shop here). Using warm water, I first wet my entire face, then lather a small amount of the soap between my hands and gently scrub my face and neck using circular motion.

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  • Cleanser, Toner & Exfoliator.

These steps, to be honest I hardly do, but there are very important (apparently). Every now and then I love using an exfoliator, especially if I wore heavy makeup for multiple days in a row. Although for toners and cleansers I hardly use simply because I’m too lazy to. But! I am working on changing my ways and hopefully I will push myself to start using them.

  • Oil- Coconut Oil.

I personally did not try this method yet, but I’ve read you could use it to remove your makeup in two ways. The first way is applying a small amount of the coconut oil on a cotton bad to remove makeup, or second to apply the oil directly on your face, gently rubbing your face in a circular motion to remove all the makeup. Again, as usual, I would recommend using organic coconut oil since you’re directly applying it on your face.

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Well, those are my five recommended ways for you to remove your makeup and take care of your skin. Please feel free to share with me your preferred way of removing makeup or taking care of your skin after removing your makeup!

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