Dear reader,

I’ve visited Lush over a week ago, and I found gems! I went there on a hunt to grow my skincare routine and invest both time and money in improving the health of my skin. My skin condition is not bad at all, it is just suffering from dryness for some reason. I’ve tried face masks and different moisturizers but to be honest it didn’t fully satisfy me, and that is why I visited Lush.

On my visit, a wonderful staff member helped me try a few different products before we narrowed it down the the products listed below: –

  • ‘Let The Good Times Roll’- Cleanser

I know straight away that I wanted a cleanser. I knew that I had a gap in my skincare routine, and as well, I knew this item would fill in that gap and take the state of my skin to the next level (a bit dramatic but, you know what I mean). The staff member tried two different cleansers on me, this one and the Angels On Bare Skin, and for some reason I leaned towards this one more, both of them had the exact same result but I think the scent of this I liked more.

It’s ingredients include popcorn, corn oil, polenta and organic cinnamon paste. I would say that this is a very gentle cleanser/exfoliator (or scrub you could call it), it has small grains that makes you feel like all of the makeup and unwanted products are being removed from your skin and pores. I would highly recommend this product, it is in powder form therefore you use it by firstly wetting your face, then taking a small amount and directly applying it to your face gently scrubbing in circular motion.

  • ‘Argan Naked Facial Oil’- Serum Bar

This might be my favourite product of them all. I’m sure by now you would have figured out that I’m totally obsessed with The Body Shop Vitamin E serum, and I’m afraid to say it, but I think I found my new obsession. I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog how I prefer using serums over moisturizers most of the times because I feel they last longer on the skin throughout the day, so I was really looking forward to trying this product.

It’s ingredients include cocoa powder, Argan oil, organic rose hip water, rose oil, lemon oil, and aloe vera extract. I love everything about this product, it has the slightest scent (which is a huge bonus to me) of Agran oil that just melts right into your skin. My only concern was, the staff showed me how to use it, and basically you gently rub the bar against your skin allowing a small layer to melt on your skin, and my concern was on the hygiene aspect. I thought it wasn’t hygienic to use it that was every time for some reason, so I started scraping small sections to melt on the tips of my fingers before applying them on my face. So that way the whole bar won’t be touching my face every time I use it (I know, I’m very weird), also, for sharing reasons I found this the best.

  • ‘Cosmetics Lad’ + ‘Celestial’- Moisturizers

These two products were given to me as free testers, because I already love using my Formula 10.0.6 moisturizers I wasn’t ready to fully buy and commit to a new moisturizer (I know, as I said, I’m weird). I still wanted to give them a try, and here is my opinion: –

Cosmetics lad- It’s ingredients include lavender honey water, organic aloe vera gel, tangerine oil, chamomile and marigold petal extract. The amount given to me lasted me four uses with this product, so I decided to experiment this by using it twice with makeup on and twice without. Firstly, it melted and was absorbed very quick on my skin making my pores slightly tighter, allowing my foundation to look and apply really smooth on my skin. Secondly, it made my skin feel really soft throughout the day, making my makeup remove very easily by the end of the night.

Celestial- It’s ingredients include vanilla water, almond oil, organic cocoa butter, and dove orchid extract. I found this product highly scented for my personal liking. I was able to constantly smell it on my face, which ended up frustrating my as the day went by. It did do the job though, it terms of hydrating me throughout the day. The amount I was given lasted me three uses, the first two were with makeup on, and the last use was without any makeup, and in both conditions I felt my skin hydrated throughout the day.

  • ‘Eau Roma Water’- Toner Water

Now this product comes with a short background story. Going to Lush, I had a budget in mind which I really didn’t want to exceed, and this was one of the products the staff member was showing me, and he let me know how much he actually loves this product and swears by it because it really changed and improved his own skin. So when it came to narrowing down the items, I really wanted this but I thought to myself I already have other rose water infused product, so I don’t really need it, and I had to exclude it at the end. But when I went to checkout, he came back and gave it to me for free because he really knew that I wanted it, and honestly that totally made my day. I’m sorry thatI do not know his name, but he works at the Manchester Arndale branch and he’s truly amazing. Anyway, back to the product! As explained on the label, it is a toner water (like a mist) that helps refresh and hydrate your skin for the day or night, I used it after the cleanser and before using the serum bar.

It’s ingredients include lavender water and rose water.

I’ve been using all of the products listed above for a week now, and I am truly enjoying it. I cannot say much about them just yet, because it’s only been a week, and from my experience cosmetics products need around 2-3 weeks to actually show effect, therefore a final review and opinion will be shared on my IG (Follow me!).

Let me know if you tried any of these products and other Lush products you would recommend!

Take care and love,