So, I missed my usual monthly favourites upload day (and two blog posts day) because I have been incredibly busy attempting to balance between university work, working part-time, and managing an active blog and its social media. But, I think I am finally starting to get used to my new routine (which I will upload a blog explaining how I changed and adapted to my new routine this Friday!)

Apologies for missing three days worth of content, but I am back and not leaving anytime soon!

So, let’s begin with this months favourites!


  • ‘Salad Bowls’- Freshly Chopped

I hate not sharing the truth in my blog, so I have to make a confession… I haven’t been to the gym for nearly a whole month (until this past Saturday), and to me that is really bad as I truly wanted to actively and continuously include working out in my weekly routine. So, because I have been busy and couldn’t find the right way it include gym in my new routine, I decided to cut sugar and carbs for the time being before fully going back to the gym again.

There is a newly opened restaurant at Piccadilly Gardens (Manchester) bus stop, where I usually take the bus to work, called Freshly Chopped. Their concept is very similar to Subway where you can pick each ingredient you want for your salad or wrap. They as well offer Açaí bowls which I couldn’t find anywhere else in Manchester. I cannot express how much I love this restaurant, everything they offer is just truly amazing, and very fresh. I haven’t tried anything I didn’t enjoy yet, and I would highly recommend you try this if you’re around Manchester, or in Ireland.


  • ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Cleanser- Lush

I’ve actually got my hands on this a couple of weeks ago and I cannot stop using it. It honestly makes my face feel very soft and clean compared to simply using a facial wash. I have to be completely honest in saying that the product still has not yet shown any change or impact on my skin, but I like to judge a product 3-4 weeks of constantly using it as that would give it enough time to show effect. But so far, I would recommend using this as a cleanser if you’re looking for something new (click here to read more)

  • ‘Picture Perfect Day’- Formula 10.0.6

I am not sure if I mentioned this product before in a favourites post, but I have been using this moisturizer on and off for a few months now, and especially for this month I have been using it quite frequent. This started because England experience a week of sunny warm days that required a moisturizer with SPF included, and this was the only option I had, and after using it for a week straight, I started falling in love with its texture and scent. Btw, this is a scented product so if you’re sensitive to that I would not recommend this to you. Actually, I believe all Formula 10.0.06 products are scented, some stronger than others.

  • ‘Micro-blading Precision Eyebrow Pencil’- Revolution Pro

This month, as I started working at the end of march, I have been busy jumbling between uni and work and haven’t had enough time to play or even apply makeup. Making me go to work with literally nothing but moisturizer on, which I am fully ok with. So, with no makeup, I have been using this to fill in my eyebrows to make them look somewhat fuller and complete. My initial reaction to this product wasn’t good as a big chunk of it snapped off when I first used it, I wasn’t sure if that was my fault for maybe applying too much pressure on it, or the product was just to that good. Even though that happened, I still gave it another chance and continued using it applying less pressure. This is not my favourite eyebrow product, like if I had to do a full face of makeup this would probably not be the product I would use. Although, for a light-medium coverage, for a no makeup look, this is definitely the product for it, I’ve been using this every morning before going to work and it honestly does the job.

I haven’t tried anything hair wise to include in this month’s favourite. Again, I apologies for not being active this past week, and not trying more things this month to include in today’s post. But! again I am finally getting used to my new routine and can finally make enough time to try new things in the market and write better blogs!

Let me know what you have been enjoying this month, and what you would recommend me to try!

Take care and love,