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If you have a hectic life as I do, you would understand how hard it is to keep up with everything. Whether you live alone or not, there comes a time where you have so many things to do and you simply cannot figure out how to get them all done! As I get older, I find myself getting busier and busier, and because I live alone, it is hard to keep up with the cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, studying and working on my uni assignments while still having an active social life.

So, as I’m still learning the different ways I could make my life easier and less stressful, I think I have learned a few tips and tricks so far in my independent journey, and here are a few tips I personally use to organize my life: –

  • Device or paper?

Before diving into the other tips, you first need to identify whether you are a device or a paper type of person. What I mean by this is you need to study what method of scheduling and reminders works on you the best. Does writing things down help you remember more? do you mind carrying a small notebook around with you to check your schedule? do you like setting reminders on your phone? do you like using digital calendars?

Once you’ve decided what time of method you prefer using, it is time for you to figure out what tasks are important and must be done at a certain time, or simply the things you need to be reminded about.

  • Sync all devices.

This is an important tip if you use more than one device regularly. In my case, I am still at university (and have recently started blogging) so I’m constantly on my laptop for hours everyday. And very frequently when I work on my uni assignments I turn off or mute my phone so I’m able to fully focus without having any distractions. Therefore, in cases like this I love having my laptop’s calendar connected to my phone’s because I could access it without looking touching my phone.

  • Google Calendar.

Currently, this is my all time favourite app to use and here is why:

-For scheduling, planning and setting reminders for myself. You can set reminders (alarms) days, weeks and even months ahead.

-Gmail Calendar could be synced with your iPhone calendar, which is great because you won’t have to update each calendar individually.

-You can access your calendar using any device, just simply log into your Gmail account.

-My all time favourite feature is the sharing feature. Whether you’re a couple, friends, family or group members, Gmail Calendar allows you to create a separate calendar (that will still show on your calendar although it would be indicated with a different colour, a colour of your choice). This shared calendar will allow you and who every your share with look at the schedule ahead, you also will be able to be the sole manager (which means you are the only one able to edit, delete and add events, while the others are only able to view) or shared manager (which means everyone who can view the calendar will be able to edit, delete and add events)

  • Phone reminders.

Some things I need to do are quick reminders, and in my opinion not important enough to add on my calendar, so for these types of reminders I prefer using the Reminder App on my phone. It is quick and easy to use as you could check off the things you’ve done, set reminders ahead of time (you could pick how many days, weeks or months ahead you would wish, along with the time you want it to remind you). I do highly recommend taking advantage of this free app as it’s been very helpful in my daily life.

  • Hanging a home calendar.

If you are a paper person then this is the perfect option for you. Before switching to using devices, I used to hang a home calendar (paper) in my bedroom where I’d write my schedules, appointments, and other important things I needed to remember. But the reason for switching to device for me was because I kept on forgetting the things I needed to do because the calendar was always at home (or may be I just have really bad memory). Anyway, I would still recommend this if you prefer writing things down, but I would recommend buying the white board version of a home calendar, as it will save you the hassle and money on buying a new calendar every month.

  • Create a semi-regular schedule.

What I mean by this is creating a weekly routine that helps you keep up with regular activities. For example, my weekly routine would be I usually would wash my hair on Thursdays and blow-dry/straighten it on the same day, to make sure it’s ready for the weekend. Sundays are my cooking days, this is where I prep my meal for the next three days, after that I would cook on days I don’t have leftovers. Fridays are my clean the apartment days, Sunday nights are my laundry days, and so on. Once you establish an easy and quick weekly routine it makes scheduling other things easier, and it allows you to get the essential tasks out of the way (of course if you stick to that routine). Of course, in real life, not each week will be exactly the same, in some cases you might have to switch around your routine, but as long as you make sure the task is done, and try as best as you can to keep the routine same every week, it truly makes planning other things very easy, as you can figure out your free time easily.

I hope this post helped some of you, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, make sure to follow my IG (@r.gravityblog) and share with me any tips you have on organizing your life!

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