Dear reader,

Tomorrow 9:45am, I will be on my first flight ever towards LAX. It is definitely an exciting trip for me since I’ve never been to this side of the world before. The main reason I am traveling to the US is because my older brother is graduating uni and my whole family and I are attending his graduation ceremony, along with visiting a few places for the next two weeks. So for this trip, I am only visiting California and New York since the timeline I have is so short, but hopefully I will be back soon to visit more places.

In this post, I will share a few things I’ve done to prepare for the trip!

Packing My Suitcase

It would usually take me roughly two weeks for me to pack for a long or short trip, it’s simply because I am too lazy that I have to force myself to pack early just to finish in time. I’m not too sure if I’ve mentioned this before my last trip’s post, but what I would usually do is take out my luggage two weeks earlier and leave it open. Throughout the two weeks I would slowly throw in things that I want to take with me, and this process has benefited me in many ways, it allows me to remember to pack everything, and gives me enough time to decide whether I really want to take something or not.

  • Earrings

Usually when packing jewellery in general, I would just throw them in a small makeup bag, or pouch. Which is the worse way of packing them because they tangle together and pairs might get lost. So, for this trip I thought of a really simple trick I’m sure many are already doing. I’ve used the earring packaging card you get when you purchasing a collection of earrings. Luckily, I’ve recently bought a collection of earrings which really helped because I used the packaging card it came with, removing all the earrings I wouldn’t wear on this trip and adding the ones I wanted. It is also a great way to limit what you pack since you have limited space.

  • Hair care

For my hair care routine, in my ‘Function of Beauty’ post (read here) I received a small travel-friendly bag with it. I would typically use this going to the gym but it is perfect for this trip as well. The bottles it comes with holds the perfect amount of product for this trip, and includes everything I would need for my normal routine. Along with extra bobby-pins, a hair tie, and a lip balm, because you can never over pack these!

  • Rolling Technique

I would usually fold my clothes when packing them, I would try to fold them as flat as I could, which worked perfectly for so many years for me. Although this time for some reason I wanted to try the famous rolling technique, I’ve heard and watched so many people praise this technique and swear that it saves up so much room for more item. So far, I cannot agree or deny this fact because I initially don’t have that much clothes to pack for this holiday. But I will give an update on my thoughts and which packing technique I prefer best soon.

  • Skincare

In terms of skin care, these are what I am taking. Firstly, since I’m visiting a dry state, a lot of hydration is needed, therefore for my moisturizers I’m taking my favourites: Picture Perfect Day for the SPF 15 and the Thirst No More for the extra hydration (both from FRMULA 10.0.6). For my face wash, I’ll be taking my all time favourite Vitamin E face wash (of course) and my new obsession the Let The Good Times Roll cleanser by Lush. Next, for my night time routine, I packed the Vitamin E serum and the Lush Argan Naked Facial Oil serum bar to give my skin extra hydration throughout the night. Most importantly, the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater by Mario Badescu for an all day freshen up use. And finally, I packed some simple makeup remover wipes which I’ve forgot to include in the picture below.

Food I Want To Try

  • The Pink Drink- Starbucks

I’ve been listening to the one and only, James Charles (ignoring all the controversy surrounding him currently), talk about this drink for so long!! It has become the number one item on my must try list! The Starbucks in England doesn’t have this item, or any item similar to this, on their menu. It might be because it is a summery drink, but the Starbucks menu are starting to expand their summery and ice drinks, so hopefully drinks like this make it here.

  • Philz Coffee

Another YouTuber inspired item that made it into my list, Miss Emma Chamberlain always talks about how much she prefers coffee from Philz than Starbucks. As you must know from my post ‘My Coffee Order‘, I am in love with coffee and always up to trying new cafes. Therefore, an update on my thoughts and opinions on be share on my Instagram (Follow me!)

  • IN-N-OUT

For all my vegan and vegetarian readers, I am sorry, but I am really looking forward to trying some amazing IN-N-OUT burgers!! Almost all the YouTubers I watch talk about these burgers, and my brother as well! So I cannot miss the opportunity to trying it, along with their famous chocolate milkshake fries, again, my thoughts will be shared on my Instagram (Follow me!)

  • Levain Bakery- NYC

A really good friend of mine told me about this bakery in New York, and how famous it is for their cookies. Of course I am not going to turn this down! I am going on this trip open-minded, ready to explore and try everything I can!

Places I Want To Visit

  • Disneyland + Universal Studios

Growing up watching strictly and religiously The Disney Channel, it has always been my dream to go to Disneyland. I’ve visited the one in Paris when I was 14, although it is not as big as the ones in the US. I’ve heard so many thoughts on this theme park, some good, some bad, and some really bad. But I will not let that impact my thoughts or opinion, I am really looking forward to having my own experience here.

  • Broadway

Again, growing up watching The Disney Channel, I’ve been watching musicals such as The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, Camp Rock and so on from a young age. And I am fully aware that it is nothing like broadway shows, but I do enjoy musicals and live performances. I’ve never experienced anything like broadway shows before, so I am extremely excited to attend one or two shows in this trip!

  • Niagara Waterfalls

This is definitely a sightsee my parents have picked, but growing up watching American TV shows where so many of them have either spoken about this place or visited it, makes me want to visit it as well! As you can see, the places I want to visit the most are heavily inspired by my childhood, which is incredible to be able to live it now.

  • Venice Beach California

I love the beach, I grew up living 15 minutes drive away from the beach, so I am really looking to enjoy the hot weather on the beach while I’m there. A weather change in much needed in the rainy May England weather!

  • New York

To avoid me rambling on and on about different places in NY, here are the few places I cannot wait to finally visit after hearing so many people talk about: the statue of liberty, central park, the empire state building, the metropolitan museum of art, and whatever more we have time for.

There are so many other things I am looking forward to, but I did not want to make this post any longer. Feel free to suggest things to do, or what to eat in both California or New York, and if you have any interesting experiences in these places feel free to share that with me to!

Take care and love,