Dear reader,

My last post was nearly a month ago, when I flew to the US for the first time. My plan was to write a whole post reviewing my trip and sharing the places I’ve visited both in California and NYC (do let me know if you want a post about my US trip).

For today’s post, I will share a quick but random thing I’ve been doing (kind of unplanned). If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you would have known how obsessed I am with makeup and skincare, but since my trip, I’ve actually stopped wearing makeup for some reason. It might be because of the ‘on vacation mood’ that made me feel somewhat lazy but free of makeup and wanting to look ‘good’ or ‘perfect’. But in a way, it truly changed my interpretation of wearing makeup.

Moving forward, the thought of putting a pound of makeup on my face doesn’t sound satisfying or inviting anymore, it actually sounds uncomfortable. I won’t say that I will never have a full face of makeup again, because that will probably happen if I had a big events. But, for now, I want to invest my time learning how to enhance my true features with minimal makeup, and share the tips with you!

I highly recommend everyone who is used to wearing makeup daily/weekly, to have a long break from it, heal your skin and come back to makeup. It truly allows you to love your face without makeup, to identify your ‘imperfections’ and perfections, and when you come back to makeup you know the areas you want to work on and areas you want to bring out most.

Share your thoughts of going makeup free and the parts of your face you love the most!! and stay tuned for new weekly posts again 🖤

Take care and love,



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