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So.. I’ve been away for almost three months!! For those who follow me on my Instagram account (@r.gravityblog) will know that this is because I’ve been working really hard on my master degree dissertation/thesis. I am going to keep this post short and quick, as I usually post about beauty related content, which will be back very soon!

My Experience…

Was it worth it?

To me, in a way, it was worth it. Do I recommend it to everyone? No, doing a masters is definitely not for everyone. It depends on your career, how far you want to go, and why you need a masters to get there. In many cases, masters is not a necessity in accomplishing your career goals, and in some cases it is. I can only speak from my experiences and I would say the actual content taught in the masters I’ve studied (which is Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship) did not truly teach me what I wanted to learn.

As with many university degrees, the courses focus mostly on theories rather than a form of gaining true experience. Going into a masters degree I had a vision of what I wanted to do and what knowledge I wanted to gain, however, that quickly changed as the course began.

What I wanted to do- I’ve always been a huge fan of makeup, specifically interested in organic and natural makeup. So, going into my degree with the intention of growing my knowledge in this specific field, I thought I would dedicate so much time reading books related to dermatology, cosmetics, and natural and organic personal care. But in reality, the first 5 months I did not even think of looking for such books. Obviously I have no one else to blame but myself, however with the amount of projects and assignments we already had it would have been overwhelming if I did dedicate extra time learning new topics. To make up for lost time, towards the end of the program I decided to dedicate my entire graduate project to increasing my knowledge in organic and natural cosmetics, which in my opinion encouraged me to get back into blogging again and making my dreams of working in this field come true.

What I wanted to gain- Other than gaining more knowledge in organic makeup, I wanted to learn so much more about entrepreneurship. To be fully transparent, my knowledge in this field did not increase at all. We were taught exactly what we learned in my bachelor’s degree, and for this reason I did not find masters useful at all.

What’s next on the blog?!

I am planning to jump right back into reviewing beauty products, and writing about beauty related topics. The recipes section will be updated with new recipes in early 2020, just because I am in the early stages of the ‘moving out process’. I am currently working on developing a whole new section that will be published later this year (around end of November/December), so make sure to follow the blog for that! Additionally, I will be more active on my Instagram account as well posting more short reviews on there too.

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