Dear readers,

I’m back! After a long, much needed break. And what a day to be back in the blogging world! For those who are unaware, today is International Women’s Day. Promise I will keep this post brief, but please do take the time to appreciate and thank the women around you not only today, but everyday.

This year’s theme (according to is Each for Equal, in other words, contributing to creating a gender equal world.

Brief story time, I grew up in an Arabic country, and for those who aren’t very familiar with the Arabic culture, it is a culture that traditionally hasn’t encouraged its women to thrive for more and accomplish more than men in the culture. Personally, I strongly believe my parent tried to pull me away from any chance of experiencing gender inequality, however I (as are many young girls) have indirectly felt the pressure inequality. What I mean by indirectly is, throughout my high school years I’ve known that I wanted to study engineering once I graduated, architectural engineering in specific. My parents supported that dream, however the support wasn’t a 100%. Throughout the years, leading up to graduation, I was constantly reminded that if I entered that field of work I wouldn’t have much job opportunities, or career progression opportunities, and as a 16/17 year old I was very stubborn thinking that I could change the mindset of the people around me and the culture. I definitely don’t blame my parents for constantly reminding me of the inequality present in the engineering field as it was the truth, and they wanted me to enter than field knowing what I was getting myself into. Long story short, I didn’t get into engineering because of my own grades lol, but just being in an environment and culture where everyone reminds you that you cannot be successful for a reason as simple as being a women, was unacceptable for me even at 16 years old.

I am not too sure who is reading this but, don’t allow anyone to tell you you cannot succeed, you are the only one who can determine your own future and success. Dream big and reach for the stars, and remember to always bring other women with you while you climb. Let’s stop women2women competition and hate, let’s rise up together and create a future mankind has never seen before.

(Here is the link explaining this year’s theme in greater detail:

(Here is the link explaining the history of international women’s day:

I would like to take a moment to thank all the incredibly amazing, inspiring, strong women who have lived on earth fighting for women’s right, allowing our generation and future generation to learn, work, and build anything we set our minds to. Thank you for giving us a voice.

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual