May 2nd- May 10th

Suhoor of the week:

This week my suhoor was a mixture of having weetabix, some coffee cake (which I’ll mention end of the post), toast with cheese/chicken slices/tuna, and lots of water. This week I stopped drinking coffee as I found myself not needing it anymore, which is good because caffeine is knowns to make us more thirsty.

Soup of the week: Cream of Mushroom Soup

I was so excited to cook this soup because I love mushrooms so much, and honestly try to include it in as many dishes as I can. Cooking this soup was so easy and effortless, I wouldn’t change anything in the recipe. As shown in the picture, I decided to chop my mushrooms bigger than what was recommended in the recipe, but that’s just the way I like it.

(Here is the link:

Starters of the week: Cucumber & Tomato Salad, Sambosa, and Bajia

I know this might not look appealing to everyone, but trust me when I say this is the best Ramadan starter! It is not an Arabic/Middle Eastern dish, in fact it might be an Asian dish that my family for some reason adopted and would only make in Ramadan, but I finally got all the ingredients to prepare it, and was so proud of myself because it tasted exactly the way my mum prepares it at home, making me miss home even more. Other starters included a simple cucumber and tomato salad (with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper), and some beef sambosas mentioned in my previous post.

Meals of the week:-

Second week of Ramadan and I already feel like I’m running out of ideas! Yes, I know I’ve pre-planned meals for the month, but when I’m fasting I have random cravings throughout the day, that by the time I start cooking I don’t know what to eat anymore!

Here are the dishes I picked for this week: –

1. Chicken Biryani + Cucumber Yogurt

This dish was a challenge, for some crazy reason I decided to start cooking only half an hour before iftar, and I was committed to cook biryani and not opt-out for something simple. So, I rolled my sleeves up and got to work.

Cooking this dish was not as hard as I thought, there were a few steps that I did miss out but it did not effect the end result, which was great results. Everything was cooked to perfection, tender chicken, fluffy rice, creamy vegetables and most importantly, was cooked right in time to break our fast.

(Here is the link:

2. Chicken Pasta Bake + Garlic bread

Again, being the amazing blogger that I am, I totally forgot to take a picture of this dish before we destroyed it in iftar, but if you’re fasting you know how hard it is to remind yourself to get a pic! Anyway, this dish wasn’t anything fancy, it was a simple and quick chicken pasta back with some store bought garlic bread, could do a separate post in the future.

3. Lamb & Butterbean Stew + Rice

Had to include a lamb dish in this week because I craved it so much! However, I did not cook this dish, my mother-in-law was so kind to give us this, along with other dishes. This is a very traditional Middle Eastern dish, that just makes you feel warm, cozy and at home, you can never go wrong with this dish!

Desserts of the week: Balaleet + Coffee Cake

Balaleet (or Shariya): this is a traditional dish in Gulf countries, usually eaten at breakfast, and can be prepared sweet or savoury. After breaking my fast I always crave sugar, nothing too big, even one big of something sugary, and for this week I went back to my traditions again, decided to make a quick and easy treat (let me know if you want the recipe!). This was so light and it satisfied my late night cravings!

Coffee Cake: Baking this cake was a last minute decision, and I do not regret any minute of it! It is a very simple, quick and easy recipe to follow, using ingredients that we are all most likely to have in our kitchens. This was so nice, we did not follow the icing in the recipe because we were low in icing sugar, but other than that I would not change anything in the recipe! (Here is the link:

Drink of the week: Vimto + Water

Of course, this week we have vimto again! If you read my previous post you will understand how important vimto is to me during Ramadan (For the measurement feel free to check my previous post).

Weekly Update:

Second week to me felt longer, some days feel harder than others, because the days get longer as time passes, but I am staying strong and keeping my mind and body busy. Focusing on accomplishing the goals I’ve set for myself at the beginning of the month, reflecting what I’ve accomplished so far, and what I would change for the next two weeks. Cannot believe we are already half way through the month, it’s my favourite time of the year and I really hate it when it just flies by. But, I’m trying to take in every moment and trying to make the most of the month under current circumstances.