May 11th- May 17th

Suhoor of the week:

Suhoor this week was simple again, some days I had weetabix with soy milk and honey, other days I would have toast with either tuna or leftover chicken. I would make sure to drink at least one full cup of water and sometimes a small treat like dates, M&S mini brownie bites or leftover cake!

Soup of the week:

This week’s soup was kindly prepared for us by my mother-in-law, it’s my husband’s favourite soup that consists of meatballs and noodles. It’s one of those dishes that gives you a warm homey feeling which we crave the most during these tough times.

Starters of the week:

This weeks starters are like previous weeks, we started eliminating starters in some days because we fund ourselves not eating as much, even when it comes to eating our mains we found ourselves reducing our portions which is a great sign for me personally because I feel like the past year I’ve gained a lot of weight and I’m excited to get back to my regular self again.

(Previous weeks’ starters)

Meals of the week:

1. Lebanese Chicken Molokhia

Another dish prepared and given to us this week by my mother-in-law, and another dish my husband is obsessed with. This is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with Jute leaves (usually found in Asian & Middle Eastern countries, but could be bought frozen from the store) and chicken, similar to a stew, and served with rice and lemon drizzled on top.

2. Whole Chicken + Rice

Another dish I did not cook for this week, why don’t we call it my lazy week. While grocery shopping this week we saw one of those already marinated whole chicken that you’d throw in the oven for an hour, so we decided to get that as it was easy, and all we had to do is prepare the rice and call it a night! This was such an easy and quick task I highly recommend in your lazy nights, and it lasts a few days as well. For us, the chicken and rice lasted for two nights.

3. Chicken Maqlouba

For those who are following my weekly updates will remember that the first dish I prepared for Ramadan in week 1 was minced lamb maqlouba (click here to read). I decided to retry the recipe but with chicken thighs instead, and to be honest it might be my favourite dish I’ve cooked in Ramadan! I was so quick and easy, could be cooked around half an hour, and I will definitely share the recipe with you in a separate post soon!

Desserts of the week:

Cake, cake and more cake!: This week we celebrated two birthdays in the family, and we were lucky enough to be able to get a portion of the birthday cakes. So for nearly three nights I’ve been enjoying these cakes and cupcakes with a cup of warm tea. Honestly, there is not better way to end the day than with cake and tea in my opinion.

And if you thought that was it, we had more cake! This week we decided to bake extra banana cake so we could drop it off at each of our family’s house (of course being mindful of keeping our distance), to share some love during this lovely month. Recipe for the banana cake could be found here.

Weekly Update:

Can’t believe I’m already saying this but it’s the third week of Ramadan, and I am so sad we only have one more week left! It’s so crazy how fast this month just flew by, and my body and mind was just getting used to my new routine. It will definitely feel weird going back to normal routine, but I’ve learnt so much so far that I want to continue to do in my daily routine after Ramadan. One of them is controlling the sugary food I eat, allowing myself natural sugars such as fruits, and only eat cakes and other treats on special occasions. For me, the reason to do so is because I find myself depending on sugary treats very much, if I’m happy I crave a treat, if I’m sad I crave more sugary treats, and after having a meal I find myself looking around for some sugary treats. Therefore, I’m going to try and change my relationship with sugar and focus on what’s truly important for my body.

The next thing I’ll be continuing after this month is self-discipline, this again reflects back on my eating habits but more general. Self-discipline in terms of being more productive and less procrastination, value my time more, set my self daily goals and follow through with them, (this doesn’t happen that often but) never over work my mind and body, make sure to have ‘off days’ for relaxing and reflecting, continuously thanking god for all big and small things in my life, and learning to be more patient. This is one of the many things I’ve learnt this month and I truly hope I can carry these traits with me for the rest of the year 🖤