May 16th- May 23rd

Suhoor of the week:

In these last few days of Ramadan I learnt the hard way that what you eat in suhoor effects how you feel and act throughout the day, some days I feel extremely lazy, come days I just don’t feel well because of extreme hunger. For this year it’s too late, but now I know for next year to include suhoor in my pre-planning and pre-make a few healthy meals such as overnight oats or chia pudding or even smoothies, something that not only fills be up throughout the day, but provides me enough energy to be active and productive throughout the day as well. You live and you learn they day, and hopefully I could implement this after Ramadan in taking the time to prepare a healthy breakfast. This week I basically ate the side dishes that was made, as mentioned in last week’s post, our stomach shrank making us eat less, leaving us with a lot of leftovers that I hate throwing, so I end up eating fried pastries early in the morning which can’t be good for me.

Soup of the week: Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup

If you know, you know! This was one of my favourite soups growing up, I would order it every time my family and I go to Chili’s. So I decided to recreate it for the last week of this gorgeous holy month to end it with a bang!

Due to current situation, unfortunately I couldn’t go shop for the right ingredients from the international store, but I did try my best and got almost all the ingredients with some alternatives. The recipe required tortilla to be chopped and fried, but I could only find hard taco shells which I used and crushed on top of the soup, we were low on fresh tomatoes which is another signature topping for this soup but that was ok, the soup made me feel like I’m back at home having chili’s with my family.

(Here is the link to the recipe:

Starters of the week:

As mentioned in last week’s post, we decided not to prepare as much starters this week as we found ourselves not eating as much. So I kept it simple this week, I prepared fresh salad everyday this week, along with some pitta break complimented with humus and yogurt, some kebba and beef sambosas.

Unfortunately we did not end up touching any of this, other than the salad, for iftar, so this was my suhoor for the week.

Meals of the week:

I cannot believe I am actually typing this but, for the last week of the month I decided to keep it simple and easy, and use up all the ingredients we had left in the fridge before doing our after Ramadan grocery shopping. Here are the dishes I cooked: –

1. Minced Beef Tacos

Since we already had a lot of taco shells left after using it for the enchilada soup, I decided to make it a theme and have tacos for iftar as well. This was so simple and easy, using minced beef on a pan with taco & fajita seasoning, salt & pepper, fresh tomatoes, onion, minced garlic and a pinch of minced ginger, the meat was ready for the taco. I chopped some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers for the salad, with some pre-made salsa, so simple, easy and quick!

2. Mac & Cheese with Chicken Sausages + Mini Margarita Pizza

Unfortunately did not take a picture of this! But it was a basic simple mac and cheese recipe with some chopped chicken sausages that was pan fried with some onions, then added to the cheesy sauce, followed by the cooked macaroni and placed in a baking pan, topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven until the top is golden brown. For the mini margarita pizza, we thought of throwing it in there, it a store bought frozen pizza so we just had to throw it in the oven and it was ready to eat!

3. Dorito’s Chicken with Mozzarella Filling

For our last two nights my husband decided to surprise me with cooking our last iftar meal, which is shocking to me because he never cooked before. He found this recipe in TikTok, where you crush dorito chips and use it as breading for the chicken, and slicing the chicken breast in half to fill it with mozzarella cheese then folding it back. It was shockingly good, like so good it reminded me of KFC fried chicken, for the first time in days we had two portions! Was such a nice evening and I truly appreciate the effort and thought.

Desserts of the week:

Julab Jam: Another childhood favourite for me, I remember getting this desert every time we went to a buffet, for some reason in Oman we always had this as a dessert in our buffets even though it’s an Indian dish. Love it so much, and this pack is from Costco.

Weekly Update:

So sad to say, but this concludes my Ramadan weekly meal updates, I had so much fun writing these and have learnt so much as well for what to do next year and what not to do. This month has been so humbling, reminding me to appreciate what I have and how much I can give back, especially this year with being in lockdown and many people around the world suffering and losing their loved ones, it really taught me to look into myself and just do better. At the age of 23 I realize how lucky I am to live a lavish life, I thank god for allowing me to live a comfortable life since the day I was born. My life is more than comfortable and being out in the world, I want to give back, I need to give back to those who are in much more need, and I am determined to do that.

This month also allowed me build an even stronger and closer relationship with god, with having so much time in my hand this month, I was eager to learn more about my religion and read as much as I could, and I am proud to say that I am so much more enlightened now and will continue to educate myself with so many more subjects. Another important factor of this month is food, my viewing of food has completely changed and I want to apply that into my daily routine asap. Eating healthier, portioning my food more, self-control and discipline when it comes to treats and going out. Getting rid of the idea of ‘cheat day’ as there are always better healthier alternatives to junk food, we are fortunate to live in a day and age where healthy products could be found or made easily, and starting today I am going to take advantage of all the nutritious food I could put my hands on.

If you did fast this month, let me know how your month went and what you learned this month!

Best wishes and take care,