Dear reader,

What a month! If you fasted during Ramadan then congratulations we made it!! 🎉

The past month was something we’ve all never experienced before, not being able to break your fast with your families and loved ones, but we stayed patient and strong and made it through 🖤As we are still experiencing social distancing, Eid this year was different as well. However, to keep everything positive as this is a celebration, here is how I spent my Eid during lockdown:-

Got up early to get dressed!

All my Eid memories at home is getting up early to have breakfast with my family, and now that I’m married I wanted to continue this tradition in my own small family. It definitely felt weird having breakfast after fasting for a month, but I prepared a Middle Eastern breakfast dish called shakshoka (eggs cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions and herbs), couple of boiled eggs, Arabic bread with hummus, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, grapes and some orange juice to drink, and cannot forget the Arabic coffee!

After breakfast, I finished watching the last episode of the Egyptian ramadan series I watched this month then got up and started getting ready! Starting first with my hair, creating simple effortless curls using a curling wand, next worked on my makeup which took a bit longer, then finally preparing my Eid outfit with special touches (using Arabian bukhoor and oud for amazing long lasting smell) before getting dressed and starting the photoshoot!


What is Eid without a mini photoshoot in the morning am I right ladies and gents?

Another tradition that isn’t going away anytime soon is the full a glam photoshoot. What I’ve learned from my parent is we are supposed to wear at least one new item (or an item that has never been worn before) on eid, its a special day that require at least one new item. The dress I’m wearing is a Ted Baker dress that I bought end of last year and never worn before, and I’m so glad that I left it to wear now because the weather is absolutely gorgeous nowadays. With the dress, I wore rose gold handbag and matching heels, both from Dune, and for jewellery I’ve been obsessed with mixing metals, so I mixed both gold and rose gold jewellery to complement the dress.

A few days before Eid I made sure I picked a full outfit from head to toe, just to make sure that I had enough time to shop if I’m missing any items. Luckily I worked with what I had to create this simple look for the day. Every Eid I’ve ever celebrated I had my henna done, it’s a tradition we do in Oman (and some other countries) that I am never letting go! So, since this year all salons are closed, I decided a few days before Eid to browse Amazon and look for henna template stickers I could lay on my hand, then add the henna on top to get a beautiful henna art once dried and pealed, and this is how it turned out!

Eid Food & Treats

Eid Lunch is always the highlight of the day! we were so lucky and blessed to be able to spend it with my in-laws who made this day even more special. Following the rules and regulations, we kept our distances to keep everyone safe and protected. We were able to enjoy a lovely BBQ outdoors, catching up and having a great time!

On the menu we had fresh fatoush salad, with some baba ganoush and other dipping sauces, grilled lamb kofta, grilled lamb cubes, and amazing grilled chicken! If you know me then you know I had two full plates! and still had more than enough room for desserts!

Desserts, another important meal of the day, we had so many options on the table, and one of them I’ve prepared! The white dish on the middle of the table is a dish called Milk Cake, it’s the first time I’m actually preparing it which was a huge risk but everyone, including me, loved it! It is served with a warm milky sauce on top of it, and goes great with warm minty tea next to it. Will be sharing the recipe soon on the blog, so keep an eye on the Recipes section!

And that simply concludes our day!

Ramadan Reflection:

Where do I even start, this month has been both good and sad for so many reasons, but I like to focus on the positive moments of this past month. Firstly, patience and discipline, being able to get through long working days without eating is tough, but I made sure that it did not effect my mood as well, being patient with it and humble allowed me to get closer to god by appreciating what I have, and realizing how I could help others. Leaving this month I want to help more people, I want to give back more each month. Discipline came into action when it came to praying all my prayers on time, truthfully some days I felt so lazy making me pray my prayers late, but mostly I’ve been extremely good with praying on time, which makes me so proud.

As well, due to current conditions keeping us far away from our families and loved ones, I’ve learned how much I’m attached to my family and crave to be around them more. I’ve always loved my family but I’ve never had the feeling of not being allowed to see them, and that made me change the way I look at them and life, to be able to appreciate every second spent with them the next time we see each other. To add on this point, home food, the next time I go home I am going in with an open mind ready to learn all the recipes because, truthfully, the best feeling in the world is the warmth you get eating homemade food that just reminds you of your home, childhood or good moments in your life. So, again, do look out for that in the future in my Recipes section of the blog!

The areas that need more work for me would be eating habits, we all have different relationships with food and I come from a food loving family, so I naturally inherited the love of food and desserts too. Generally, I am really good at eating healthy, I love fresh food and rarely go out for food. However, since lockdown started I’ve found myself gaining weight, again due to current condition it’s natural to gain weight with lack of movement and exercise, but I need to work harder on portion control, and controlling my cravings. Because of fasting, I don’t get any savoury snack cravings, on the other hand, I started craving sugary treats right after having my meals, which I want to substitute for fruits and/or healthier treats. I never want to feel guilty for eating what I eat, I want to be able to look at myself and know that I’ve tried my best to provide my body with a healthy diet.

Lastly, if you read my Ramadan Prep blog post, you’d remember I mentioned buying a ramadan journal, and I’m proud to say that I followed through and wrote on it each day, and kinda sad that I finished the journal. This is the first time I every owned a journal, and it truly kept me on track of everything, for all my ladies we know we can’t always fast the entire month because of our periods, so this was a quick and easy was for me to mark that days I didn’t fast (which I’ll be able to fast to finish my days after Eid), and also a great way to manage and finish reciting the entire Quran within this month, another thing I’m extremely proud of because I’ve never done it before. Next we have the weekly meal planner which is great for meal planning and budgeting, and finding out how good or bad your diet is during this month, and finally concluding with ramadan reflection pages (which I’ve left empty on there because of private reasons) which is great to see how far you’ve come and how far you want to go throughout the year. I highly recommend a journal, I am definitely getting another one for next year!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read how I spent my eid! If you haven’t checked out my ramadan meals series you can click here week 1, week 2, week 3 & week 4 of Ramadan, and let me know down in the comments if you celebrate eid and how you spent it!

Best wishes and take care,