Dear reader,

I’m sure we are all trying our best to be patient and as helpful as we can during these tough times. Who would have thought we’d ever be in this situation? Nevertheless, we must keep a positive mind and environment, and for me, honestly my skin has never looked better before! So, I will be sharing my current (slightly updated) skincare routine since I’ve had more than enough time for self-care and love (Click here to check out my previous skincare routine blog post).

Starting with my face wash routine, we have my all time favourite (and mentioned in literally more than five posts), The Body Shop- Vitamin E Face Wash, I’ve been using this wash for years now and can’t seem to let it go! It is the perfect wash for balancing oily and dry face (I’m only on my T-zone and dry on my cheeks, jaw and neck), along with moisturizing it as well. After using it for a few months, it helps your body manage its own oils, resulting in your body producing less excess oil. After washing my face I like to use a face mask (I would wash it first using the face wash to get rid of excess oil, natural dirt, and/or leftover products and makeup, this allows the face mask to deeply clean the skin), my current favourite is The Ordinary- Salicylic Acid Masque, this acts as a clay mask, leaving my skin extremely soft and clean, I’ve only been using it for few weeks now so I haven’t seem any drastic changes just yet, but I have noticed that it helps with my excess oil issue on my T-zone as well. I use the face mask once-twice a week, never more than twice a week as it is a deep cleaning product.

On days I don’t use a face mask, I enjoy using the UpCircle- Coffee & Citrus Oil Face Scrub as it is a deep cleansing scrub, it is more gentle than the mask and ideal for multiple use per week. I would use it 2-3 times a week as I love giving my skin ‘off-days’, a break from using products to allow it to breath and produce its own natural oils for hydration. I’ve been implementing this technique in my skincare routine for nearly two years now and it allows my body to work on its own, meaning if my skin feels dry my body could use its own natural body oils to hydrate it, thus not depending on external products to continuously hydrate it (I could talk more about this technique in a separate post if anyone is interested!). Finally, twice a month I like to use the T-Zone Skincare- Nose Pore Strip on my nose and chin to get rid of any blackheads and/or other unwanted built ups. This is a normal drugstore product, that is affordable and honestly does a really great job, I’ve been using this product for over a year now and still love it!

Moving on to the next part of my routine, moisturizing and hydration! I have spoken about these products before in my blog (click here to read previous post), because honestly I just love them so much and cannot recommend them enough! Starting with the ever so famous face mist, the Mario Badescu- Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater Facial Spray, been using this product for the past two years and to be completely honest this has not shown any changes on my skin, but I love using it so much because of how its smell and how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel after using it. One bottle lasts for a really long time as well. Moving on to my daily moisturizer which are Formula 10.0.6- Picture Perfect Day as well as Thirst No More!, another products I’ve been using for over a year now and have truly loved how it makes my skin feel. Mixing them both together, it is a great daily moisturizer as it keeps my skin hydrated all day, and on days I decide to wear makeup, it is a really good primer for foundation as it gives your skin a healthy glow, while holding your makeup to last longer throughout the day.

It has definitely been hard on some days to get up and look forward to your day during this time where we (or at least I) feel so weak and helpless, but I continue to try and keep a routine going to keep both my mind and body as active as I possibly can, so if you’re feeling down during this time, know that we’re all going through this together, and to always speak up and ask for help if you’re in need!

That concludes my quick lockdown skincare routine, not much has changed in my routine from my previous update but I’m happy that I introduced new products to my routine, and cannot wait to try more products as well, leave down in the comments section your recommendations and what you’ve been enjoying! and look out for next week’s post.

Take care and stay safe!