Dear reader,

If you are currently living in the UK, you will understand how HOT it has been the past few weeks! Oh my lord the weather has completely changed in the England, even locals say that it has never been this hot!

While still being on lockdown, and following social distancing guidelines, being mostly stuck at home during this heatwave had impacted my energy and mentality, my mood as well. Sleeping at night has been extremely challenging, making me toss and turn even more which creates more heat, and making me wake up every half an hour. Along with being up all night, waking up very early from the heat in the morning because the sun shines on our bedroom window. So overall, my energy has been very low the past few days, and for some reason, this heat doesn’t make me feel hungry or thirsty, so sometimes I would have to remind myself to have a meal or even drink water.

Anyway, some people have been enjoying the sunshine and heat, and for those who aren’t (like me) I encourage you to find ways to make the most of it! and apologies for the ramble, I am grateful for this heatwave and for being alive and well. If you have experienced this heatwave, do share with me your thoughts, are you enjoying it or waiting for it to pass?

Do take care and stay safe!