Dear reader,

I have no purpose for this point, I am allowing my mind and hands take control now, and type whatever it wishes to.

Hi, how have you been doing?

We are 6 months in this pandemic, still working from home and barely going out to following the strict social distancing guideline. My body hurts, like really hurts. I am 23, it shouldn’t be hurting this much right? I have been home for 6 months straight, as time went by, I slowly before less active, falling into an unhealthy lazy lifestyle. Simple tasks such as washing the dishes or even vacuuming has been tiring me out. I thought my 20s would be my primes years? My most active years.

I hate feeling like this, I’ve tried to workout at home and go for walks, but have been extremely demotivated to even get off the sofa. I’ve tried to meditate, but couldn’t even keep that up for longer than 5 days. I’ve gained weight, to the point where I don’t feel like myself anymore, I don’t feel comfortable in anything and everything. I know I want to change, and I’m confident I can, but being extremely demotivating has been one of the biggest challenged I’m currently facing. How do I change my mindset? If I force it, it won’t last, does it change naturally?

I want to change. I need to change. I need to feel like myself again. I want to make the most out of my 20s, with not many commitments or responsibilities right now, why am I sitting around doing nothing at all? I know I can do better, I have so many dreams I want to turn reality and so many things I have yet to accomplish, I have the time to work on all this but have no energy to put into it. Am I the only one? not making use of all the free time we were gifted.

How have you been during this pandemic? are you coping well? Are you motivated to do anything at all? Share with me your experience so far and what’s the first thing you’re looking forward to doing after the pandemic?

Please to take care and stay safe.