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Welcome to Gravity Beauty Blog!!

I’ve started this blog because I’ve wanted to create content for so many year. From being a ‘beauty guru’ on YouTube, to a vlogger, to a blogger I just kept on saying the time wasn’t right. I would say next year will be the year, and that went on for nearly five years. Five years wasted thinking it wasn’t the right time, during these years I’ve started different YouTube account and blog websites, but never actually uploaded anything. So, November 2018 comes around and decided to create Gravity Beauty Blog, I promised myself I would work hard in building a blog and uploading good content, and I also promised myself that it is didn’t work out I would not let it have a negative impact on me, because at the end of the day, at least I tried!

So, let me start by saying I am Reem. Currently, I am the only content creator in Gravity Beauty Blog, but I’m looking to hire writers soon! (if you’re a writer feel free to contact me). I am so proud to be from Oman, I was born and raised there up to 17 years old when I moved to England to start by university education. Final personal detail I will share is I was born on the 25th of December 1996, yes, on Christmas day (I get that a lot).

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is not to share my personal life, I am a private person who will separate work from private life. Therefore, this blog will post topics such as beauty, makeup, skincare, recipes, travels, life experiences (some of these might be personal), and many more.

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